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"My character was weak": Asin
By Moviebuzz
Asin was on a roll after a hat trick of hits like Ghajini, Sivakasi and Ullam Ketkume this year. She is virtually the ‘numero uno’ actress of Kollywood in 2005 and has become the hot favourite among the teenage audience for whom she is a role model.

The industry grapevine had it, that she goes through her roles with a fine comb and is very demanding regarding how her character is projected on screen. In a hero-dominated industry, it is difficult for a heroine to survive with such kind of demands. Now she has been drawn into a controversy after she politely refused to do Jillennu Oru Kathal with Suriya and Jyothika. In this exclusive interview, Asin opens up

Why did you walk out of Jillennu Oru Kathal?
First of all… I had not signed the film to walk out! The role was offered to me and after hearing the script; I was not happy with my character which I thought was very weak and had little to contribute to the story and the film.

But the media was full of reports that Jillennu Oru Kathal had a casting coup in Surya, Jyothika and Asin…
I have never told anyone that I am a part of that film. And if the media had written like that, it is not my fault. I have to admit here that I was pressurized from all quarters to accept the film. But I am not the kind of person who will take up anything which I am not comfortable.

Is it because you were feeling insecure about doing a film which Surya and Jyothika? There are also rumours about you trying to make changes in the script and insisting three songs to be picturised on you and hero?
Why should I? After all the film belongs to the director and who am I to ask for changes in script? Like I told you, I was not happy with my role and the best thing I could do was to politely refuse it. My film Ghajini with Surya was a great experience and I would love to work with Surya again as he is a wonderful actor. And Jyothika being a part of the film does not matter to me in anyway, if my character is well-etched and justified! As for the songs, I never insisted on having three songs picturised on me!

Is it true that you insist on having a lengthy role like in Ghajini for all your films?
Kalpana in Ghajini was a life-time role for me and I would be foolish to think that all films that I accept should have similar characterization. Recently, Aamir Khan saw the film in Mumbai at a special screening. He took trouble to call me up personally and compliment me. He told me that Kalpana was the emotional heart of the film and I carried off the role with conviction. It was a big moment for me to get accolades from one of the finest actors in the country.

And I would consider myself lucky if another role like Ghajini comes my way (smiles). I have to thank director Murugadoss once again for all the appreciation that I got for the film.

Are you the heroine in Puli?
Yes, I have signed Puli with Vijay which will start rolling in January. It promises to be an exciting project with an excellent script, good director like S.J.Suryah, producer Swargachitra Appachan and of course Vijay. The kind of reach Vijay’s Sivakasi gave me is truly amazing.