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`Ghajini was a big mistake`!
By Moviebuzz
She came, she saw, she conquered. Today Nayantara is hot property down South. It took her just six films to conquer the hearts of millions of audience. Now Nayan’s kitty is full with some really big projects both in Tamil and Telugu. She radiates natural warmth as Moviebuzz catches up with the actress at the location of Vallavan in Chennai.

You have become the glam queen of Kollywood. Please comment.
(Smiles) I don’t know what the definition of glamour is. I’d rather be called sensuous than being projected as a sex symbol.

But your transformation from the girl-next-door image that you had in Malayalam films to the glam queen of Kollywood was remarkable…
(Chuckles). Yes.. I guess the credit goes to my make-over. I gave a lot of importance to my make-up, hair style and costumes, which did the wonder and now I feel great after losing weight.

You are one actress who does not tag along with dad or mom on sets?
Yes. Initially both of them used to accompany with me for the shoots. But now, I can take care of myself and they have immense confidence in me. I have never done anything to make them feel insecure about me and they trust me totally. Whenever I am free I rush back home to Tiruvalla in Kerala to be with them.

Why are you not doing any ads at a time when all top actresses are jumping into the ad bandwagon?
First let me tell you that it is a lot of hogwash that there is huge money in being brand ambassadors for multinationals products. They may pay a bomb to Shahrukh, Rani Mukherjee or Priety Zinta but not girls down south. Frankly, they tried to woo me too but at the moment, I don’t want to be over exposed on television and hoardings. I want my fans to come to the theatres and watch me and my films and there is exclusivity in doing so. Though I don’t deny that I may have a change of mind later, right now I am totally concentrating on my film projects.

You are always projected by the media as an elusive star who rarely want to mix with people.
(Laughs) It’s a myth. Actors cannot survive without the media and they are very important to our growth. But I am so busy that I hardly get any time to go for any party or socializing. I am not being modest when I say that I don’t party. I too love parties but as an artist I am very concerned about my image and responsibilities. As a policy its work, work and more work for me!

You have a very high success ratio as films like Chandramukhi, Ghajini, Sivakasi, Kalvanin Kathali and Telugu film Lakshmi were all super hits. Comments.
Yes I am lucky to be a part of these films. Though I have to confess on hindsight that the worst decision that I ever took was to do that role in Ghajini. My role did not shape out the way it was narrated to me and I was photographed badly. But I have no complaints as I consider all that as a learning experience. Now I make sure about the characters I do on screen. Chandramukhi with Rajni sir and the song number with Vijay in Sivakasi gave me immense reach among the masses. And when Vijay himself says before the song- “Nayantara vaaa?”, it registered in the mind of the audience, created an aura, which really did wonders to my popularity.

Are you doing an item number in Murugadoss’ Stalin?
NO. I will never do an item number again.

In Vallavan they say that your role was extended?
Not at all. Simbu is a very talented person and to see his energy levels and passion towards cinema is some thing to be admired. It’s not that he can extend my role and cut Reema Sen’s or Sandhya’s role. I have no qualms about sharing screen space with any actress as long as I’m able to prove my mettle. My role in Vallavan will be a good one and the film will be a blast.

You are romantically linked with Simbu?
It’s all nonsense. I am focused on my career right now.

What are your forthcoming films?
I have Vallavan, E and Thalaimagan in Tamil, and I signed three films in Telugu. Lot of offers are pouring in but I have become very choosy. I am also doing a special appearance as Nayantara in director Joshy's Malayalam film Janmam.

What do you do during free time?
Free time, I don’t know what it is? I am working round the clock. Today I am shooting upto 4 am in the morning and early morning I have to catch the flight to Hyderabad to do back to back films in Telugu with Nagarjuna and Prabhas.