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`A path breaking film`: Jeeva
By Moviebuzz
Jeeva is one of the few young Tamil stars who is committed to good cinema. On the eve of the release of his new film Katrathu Tamil (Earlier called " Tamil M.A"), Jeeva spoke exclusively to MoviebuzzExcerpts

Q. The kind of promotion you are doing for Katrathu Tamil, makes it out to be a classic. Please comment.
It is my eighth film in Tamil, and I would proudly say that it is the best that I have done so far. Let me assure you Katrathu Tamil will be a path breaking film and will be known as one of the classics in the 75 years history of Tamil films!

Q. What is the film about?
Katrathu Tamil is a realistic story of a Tamil M.A graduate who goes from pillar to post looking for a job. Director Ram Subbu an associate of Balu Mahendra has tried to show the difficulties faced by a Tamil M.A graduate in getting a job even in a government college. The film is about the life and times of Prabhakar, a man who has devoted his life for the upliftment of the Tamil language. There are three stages in the characters life, and I come in three different get-up. I lost 12 kilos for the film to get that lean hungry look.

Q. Tell us about the making of the film?
It is a film with a realistic touch, biographical in presentation and different in narration. I worked for nearly a year for the film, which we shot in Maharashtra, Andhra, Kerala and Chennai . Nearly 450 cans of films were used for the film. I used to get up early in the morning to fix my long shaggy beard for the film, which was a torturous affair. I swear I will never wear beard for any other film in future (smiles). Anjali a new girl is the heroine of the film, her character appears or is talked about throughout the film.

Q. About Yuvan's music
Yuvan's music is melodious, the way he has composed the songs is straight from the heart.

Q. Would you say Katrathu Tamil will be a trendsetter and augers well for the future of Tamil cinema?
I definitely feel that it will change the way we look at Tamil cinema. Actually we wanted to premiere it at the Cannes film festival, but then we could not complete the post production work. The way of telling a story has been told in a different style by director Ram Subbu. It is sure to win an award or two, because the people who worked in it has great passion for good cinema.