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"I enjoyed working in Dasavatharam": Asin
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Asin is a household name in Tamil Nadu. She is a perfectionist in whatever she does- whether itís for a movie, still camera or an interview. If Kamal Hassan does 10 avatars in Dasavatharam, it is Asinís 10th film in Tamil. In this telephonic interview, to, the queen of hearts speaks about Dasavatharam.Excerpts

Your experience of working in Dasavatharam?
Dasavatharam shoot will remain close to me forever. I have shot maximum number of days for this film. But never felt that even once as I enjoyed every bit of it. I used to look forward to my shoots as the entire team was like one big family. Kamal sir was jovial always cracking jokes and making things easy for all of us. Ravikumar sir was cool and there is a lot to learn from him.

We hear that you have done some stunts and risky scenes in the film. Please comment?
Oh yes.. I enjoyed doing all the risky stunts for the first time. In fact I used to get hurt every day. I had to carry a heavy bronze idol of the deity and run throughout the film. It was so heavy and by the end of the day, I used to get bruises all over my body. I learned new techniques of stunts from the Hollywood stunt masters and we all worked hard to get all those action scenes correct including the Tsunami shots. But all that was great fun.

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What is your role in Dasavatharam?
I play two characters- Kothai in the 12th century and Andal the present day girl. Both are traditional-looking characters completely different from what I have done so far. There is plenty of comedy. Andal is a weird, funny, cocky girl which is absolutely not me. If you look at any of my previous films, all the characters that I portrayed had a little bit of me in it but this one is different.

You have dubbed in your own voice?
Yes, It was not easy as the Iyer language and slangís were difficult. But Kamal sir was so patient and helped me with my lines and saw to it that I get it correctly.

Do you have any love scenes with Kamal Hassan?
(Laughs) No we are fighting throughout the film; we canít stand each other and are like chalk and cheese. But like they say, opposites attract and we fall in love but all that is subtly conveyed There are no duets or running around trees.

But you have a solo song which is sort of a bhajan?
I love that song, Mukunda MukundaÖ that has a nice feel about it. I learned the song by heart, learned the lyrics, meaning and relevance to the story. In fact while I was humming the song; Ravikumar heard it and suggested that I sing the song in the album. But I was not ready for it and Iím glad that Sadhana Sargamís voice suits me to a T.

Did you feel insecure at any point when the glam queen Mallika Sherawat was a part of the film?
No. Actually I was given a complete script narration before and there was no question of me getting insecure. I have no combination scene with Mallika and had in fact met her first time at the audio launch in Chennai.

You look good in the stills. A typical Brahmin girl..?
The full credit goes to Gowthami who did my costumes and styling.

How do you plan to watch the film?
I would have loved to watch it at Sathyam or Inox in Chennai, but Iím in Mumbai on June 13, the opening day. I have already booked my tickets at PVR in Juhu, and will see it first day first show along with my parents. But I will definitely watch the film when I am in Chennai, a week later.