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"Jeeva sir is watching everything from above": Ravi
By Moviebuzz
He is the darling of family audiences. The wonder boy of Kollywood, Jayam Ravi is busy with the promotion of his latest film Dhaam Dhoom as we catch up for a quick chat.

Dhaam Dhoom has taken a fantastic advance booking all over? Please comment?
On a spiritual note, I think, its Jeeva sirís blessings and I firmly believe that he is watching everything from above. I really miss him as our film gets released on Friday. But on a practical note, I think it is the Harris Jayaraj songs which are hugely popular, my next release after the hit Santhosh Subramaniam and above all that yuppie urban look of the film that is attracting the audiences. Added to that, my producers are promoting the film well.

Why have you suddenly decided to become an action hero?
Its all media made. I have never tried to change my image or told anyone that I will be only doing action films. Let me tell you that Dhaam Dhoom is a not an action film but a very touching love story. In fact it is the best romantic film that I have done till date. There is action also in the film but that is justified as it is to win my love.

But your next film Peranmai is also an action film?
Peranmai has a social and political issue with lots of action. As an actor, I have to balance and try out different kinds of roles. Let me ask you: M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi is always considered as a family film but there were so much of action scenes in the film?

But I promise my fans or well-wishers that I will not deviate from the existing image that I have in Tamil. It is that Pakkathuveetu Payyan (boy-next-door) image that made me what I am today and under no circumstance will I play with it.

Do you think that your link-up with Kangana Ranaut is one of reasons what makes Dhaam Dhoom hot?
My link-up with Kangana (naughty smile)Ö what are you talking? Those baseless rumours came from Bollywood, and tell me which actor in Hindi is not linked with her? I donít want to talk about it as it is all media made. She was a good co-star and so was Lakshmi Rai who for the first time comes deglamorised and has a good character to play.

What are the other highlights?
I want the film to talk. But I would like to make a special mention of Kris Anderson who was the stunt master and has done a fantastic job.

You have lost a lot of weight since Dhaam Dhoom for your next film? Was it deliberate and are you also joining the six-pack abs gang in Kollywood?
(Laughs).. I lost lot of weight and is following a fitness regime. It was a lot of hardwork and diet that helped me to achieve this look. As far as six-abs look goes, why not give it a try, if my role demands?