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"I've been accepted as a mass hero" : Simbu
By Moviebuzz
Silambarasan alais Simbu is a happy man. His Silambattam which released after a long gap is being well received by his fans and public, and it has taken a good opening all over Tamilnadu. Sitting in his office at T.Nagar, he spoke to

You must be a relieved man?
Yes of course. My hard work for the last one year has paid rich dividends. The film is not only a big hit but the audiences love every bit of it. I can't ask for more. I wanted to get an image of a mass hero with Silambattam and now Im happy that Ive achieved it.

Silambattam opens big!

It seems that people are dancing in the cinema halls?
Yes.. I have been going to all the theatres screening the film and the response is overwhelming. All theatres have reported houseful collections and it will be my big hit after Manmathan. I worked very hard and even broke my bones couple of times while doing these difficult steps but now when I see that its working all the pain has vanished.

Why do you have such a long gap between your films?
My last film was Kaalai. The problem is that I get completely involved in every aspect of my film. So even with one film at a time my plate seems full. I give my suggestions for the story, write songs, sometimes sing them, sit at the editing table like a technician and give my all to the film in which Im hero. So I cant but be a one-film-at-a-time actor.

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Your combination with Yuvan has hit the jackpot ance again. Please comment?
Our combo has always clicked because we share a great rapport Wheres the party tonight? is a chartbuster, which is topping all the charts. I have written the lyric for this song. I believe that songs have a big reach and set the stage for the films release. And with Yuvan it has worked har-trick for me with Manmadhan, Vallavan and now Silambattam.

Your critics say that you ghost direct all your films?
No way.. When a director comes to me with a story I give my suggestions and how to better it. And once the discussions are over, I just follow his instructions on the sets. But I am totally involved with the songs and its picturisation in all my films.

How did you change your gait and body language for both the roles?
It was not easy and I put on weight for the Tamizh character, used to curl my hair everyday and had a different twirled moustache. I want to thank all my fans and well-wishers for watching Silambattam and making it a huge hit.