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I don’t need to marry secretly : Nayanthara
By Moviebuzz
The rumour mill is working overtime that Prabhu Deva has married Nayanthara at a hush hush ceremony in Hyderabad on Friday, June 5. A local television channel is playing it up as ‘Breaking News’!

Prabhu and Nayanthara have been rumoured to be in love ever since they worked together in Villu. Now the grapevine has it that she is extremely close to him.

The rumours about their affair, led credence when the actress tattooed Prabhu’s name (P in English and the rest in Tamil), a little above her wrist at Hakim’s Alim newly launched tattoo lounge in Hyderabad. This proves that the actress loves Prabhu and wanted to announce it to the world too.

Speaking to Nayanthara said: “Even I heard about my marriage. Isn’t that funny? I’m not even in Hyderabad right now. Everyone knows that I am a very open person and when I decide to get married, I will officially announce it to the media. I believe in the institution of marriage and when it happens, it will be with the blessing of my parents. I don’t need to do it secretly.”

So does all this mean that Nayan is dead serious about Prabhu Deva? Watch this space.