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Call her a temptress, a sexy siren or a girl with a golden heart. She said “No” to all the offers that came her way after she signed Aayirathil Oruvan and not even once she lost her self confidence or felt insecure during the two long years which took the film to be completed. We love Reemma because she loves to break all rules and follow her mind. In this exclusive chat, she talks about her ambitious film.

Why did you decide to put all your eggs in one basket and concentrate only on Aayirathil Oruvan?
I have always been like this. It takes time for me to get convinced about anything and once I decide to go ahead nothing can stop me. I had tremendous trust in Selvaraghavan my director and the film. Initially I signed the film and gave 40 days but finally I shot for 240 days.

How was it working with Selvaraghavan who is said to be a tough task master?
(Smiles) Yes, initially it was difficult for me to adjust to his kind of film making. I hated him and this hatred was mutual. We used to have these frequent fights but once everything got settled, we became good friends and slowly we got used to each other. Then everything fell into place and today I admire him as an excellent filmmaker and we have formed a mutual admiration club.

The stills of the film suggest that you have done couple of bold scenes which you have not done earlier. Please comment?
Yes, it is one of the boldest films that I have done so far and I trusted Selva completely. Moreover the glam quotient was not thrust into the script as the story demanded it. I have two different looks in the film.

What was designer ErumAli’s challenges of creating costumes for you?
The film was a huge challenge for Erum, and I have two distinct looks in the film— one outdoor-adventure feel that borders on the contemporary, and the other during the 12 th century. Erum was extremely patient for bearing with my tantrums as I don’t hesitate to express my style and comfort. She worked out something that was feminine and sensuous to suit my role. She experimented, did a lot of research and my clothes have turned out amazing.

Why do men find you irresistible?
(Ha ha Ha,) Where are these so called men? I haven’t met even one.

Who are your friends in the industry? Is it difficult to nurture and maintain friendships in tinsel town?
Well, one word you used very aptly is ‘nurture’. You can’t have friendship without nurturing them because it’s an ongoing process. In that sense I have lot of friends, people I know and lot of acquaintances. Friends that I nurture are outside the industry and they are people I know for many years. I have four friends who are very dear to me like Satadru, Nisha, Riaz and Rahul. And my friends in the industry are all great people like Selva, Erum, and Sonia are the people whom I can think about now.

Is it true that you are doing a cameo in Vishal’s Theeratha Vilayatu Pillai?
Let me make it clear that I am not a part of this film.