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I have gone for a make-over: Vishal
By Moviebuzz
Vishal, the action hero of Kollywood attempts to break those shackles by attempting a different genre - a romantic comedy with Theeratha Vilayatu Pillai releasing on Friday ( Feb 12) . In this exclusive interview to, the actor gets candid about his return to commercial cinema with a vengeance. But the question is whether his effort to build a new image would prove successful? But Vishal is confident.

Are you tensed on the eve of the release?
Not really. I am confident about the film and Sun Pictures who are marketing the film is doing a great job. The film will be a total entertainer from the word go.

What is the film all about?
I play Karthik, a rich, Casanova who thinks and behaves like today generation. I have a different look and Banu gave me this make-over. It is my ambitious project, a youth entertainer with a well-written script, great twists and edge-of-your seat moments. We have a new, young vibrant set of technicians and of course I got the opportunity to work with three heroines. Prakash Raj does a cameo and the film is releasing worldwide today and the Telugu version Killadi on Feb 19.

Why did Ramesh the original producer of the film walk out of the project?
After my last film Thoranai not doing too well, Ramesh wanted me to do a film with an established director. But I could not wait for another script to fall in place and get dates from reputed director. He did not believe in the project and explained to me about his position and we parted as friends. I respected his view point and thought that it was unfair for him to go ahead with something which he did not believe in.

But why did your home banner GK Film Corporation decide to produce the film instead?
I really believed in the script of TVP and after hearing it, my brother Vikram was also gung-ho and we decided to produce it. The truth is that no one was willing to take the risk as I wanted to surprise everyone by doing a romantic flick. I always go by my instincts and I have an intuition that TVP will click.

What is your next film?
I will be shooting for director Balaís next film in which Arya is also there. After hearing the narration for one hour, I was dumb struck. I didnít want to miss such a fabulous script and such opportunities come once in a life time and I truly believe that it will be one of the important films in my career. Then I will be doing the remake of the Telugu film Shouryam.

How was it working with three heroines?
Neetu Chandra, Tanusree Dutta and Sarah Jane play my heroines. All of them have done a good job. But trust me, itís easy to make a remake or work on computer graphics but to take along three heroines in one film is a big challenge. It is very difficult to make everyone happy and brush their ego.