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I loved myself in VTV: Simbu
Sridevi Sreedhar/Moviebuzz
Ever since he made his debut, Silambarasan has been Kollywoodís favourite whipping boy. The good looking actor has always found himself in the centre of unwanted controversies and more often than not, it hasnít been complementary. But Simbu has not allowed all the negativity to overwhelm him. The actor recently drew a lot of praise for his looks in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya(VTV). He seems to have got a new lease of life and is grabbing it with both hands!

Careful about his film selections and even more focussed on life in general, I meet a whole new and transformed Simbu.

So are you tensed on the eve of the release of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, a film that you worked hard for more than a year?
To be frank, I am always tensed and anxious before the release of my any film so far. But trust me, I saw VTV yesterday and am totally bowled over by the way Gautham has presented it and AR Rahmanís re-recording is awesome. I am so happy and confident that everyone will love the film and critics will not have a single comment to make about it.

Tell us something about Karthik the character you play in the film?
Karthik is a very normal guy who falls in love with a girl instantly. He is an assistant director who is dreaming of becoming a director one day and makes it big. My love with Jessy played by Trisha is very natural and life like.

What according to you are the highlights?
Karthik and Jessy are the biggest highlight. The simplicity in the way Gautham has presented a beautiful love story along with Rahmanís songs makes the film a must watch. None of the songs are thrust into the film and they come along with the narrative. The making is of international quality, including the presentation, characterisation and acting. Everything is subtle and has a touch of class.

Do you think that Simbu the actor will have a new image after the release of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya?
(Smiles) I will be respected and loved by everyone. Remember that after Manmathan, I got a new image in the industry and now after VTV, I will get another image and will take me to the next level. I was so touched after watching the film and right now I am on cloud nine. There are no mass elements, kuthu songs, introduction scenes, glamour or punchlines. It is a pure love story with Gauthamís magical touch.

Are there two climaxes in the film as reported by a section of the press?
Not at all. There is only one climax which will be a rocker. It will leave a lump in your throat and the characters will be etched in your heart.

You seems to be all in awe of Gautham Menon. Please comment?
Yes, he is one of the best directors that I have come across. He never thrusts anything on his actors. He gives respect to his artists and gets back the same. He never asks us to Ďdo thisí or Ďdonít do thatí. Before every shot, he says that this is the way I want it and leaves the rest for us to take it forward. He has a brilliant way with artists and gives them total freedom. I enjoyed every moment I worked with him.

But why did you decide to opt out of KV Anandís Ko?
As a director, I consider Ko as KV Anandís second film. And like I told you earlier, my comfort level with my director matters a lot. If the director starts dictating and orders me to - go cut your hair, do this, do that and behave like this, even before the shoot then how do you work with him? I believe that there is way to get your things done and that mutual respect should be of prime importance. If I am unhappy about all this, isnít it better to move out of the project than go ahead and work with him, which will not make me happy?

So whatís your next film?
(Laughs) Even I donít know. And right now, I am anxiously waiting to hear the reports of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. I just loved the film and for the first time, in my career, I loved myself in the film as I saw myself in Karthik. He is so much like me.

Are you in love? What is it that you are looking in a life partner?
No. These rumours are all very random and frustratingly untrue. I am truly in love with my work. I just want an ordinary girl from an ordinary world who will make my world extraordinary (smiles).