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Sneha believes in growing up gracefully. This Mumbai born Telugu girl was brought up in Dubai where she had a chance to meet with director Fazil who recommended her to a Malayalam director who was looking out for a heroine for his teenage love story Ingane Oru Nilapakshi. Then she was paired opposite Prashanth in Susi Ganesan directed Tamil film Virumbigiren, which was released recently.

Followed by Madhavan’s Ennavale that bombed, it was Lingusamy directed .Aanandam that gave her the long over-due hit and soon she became popular in Tamil and Telugu. Sneha was touted as a strong contender for the top slot after she got noticed in films like Punnagai Desam and Pammal.K.Sambandam. But somehow lady luck did not favour her, as films like Paarthale Paravasam, Yeh Nee Romba Azhaga Irrukey and King did not do too well at the box-office. And to add to her cup of woes, she had a road accident that caused injury to her foot.

Despite setbacks Sneha is a fighter, indefatigable in spirit and mind. Sneha’s latest release April Maadathil is slowly picking up at the box-office and she is all excited about her role opposite superstar Vijay’s Pongal release Vaseegara. The actress who is just coming out of turbulent times is energised by these unconventional roles.

Sneha speaks to Sify

Your detractors were shouting from the rooftop that you could never dance again due to the road accident…
See, I am shooting a song with Vijay for Vaseegara now and do you think I can be doing that without being able to dance? All that happened was that I fractured my leg in the accident. After a few weeks of physiotherapy and rest, it is ok. Now I can jump and dance around (jumps around).

Your recent films like the much-hyped Yeh Nee Romba….and King had a lukewarm reception at the box-office.
I had tremendous faith in these two films turning out to be hits. When Mr Vassant narrated the story of Yeh Nee Romba… I thought it suited my girl-next-door image. But after seeing the final product I feel the film lacked conviction as the narration went haywire. In King my role was chopped at the editing table and I was seen only in the song sequences.

Once you were tipped to be the ‘numero uno’, but today you seem to be eclipsed by the Mumbai girls?
I am extremely happy with the roles that I have done till now. I have signed these films after being convinced about the characters and later when things didn’t work out, I was helpless. I have always honoured my commitments and have become selective about my roles. Glamour roles are not my cup of tea, as I prefer performance-oriented and not plastic glamour girl roles. My face and body language suit the image that I have of the girl-next-door.

But it is only glamour girls from Mumbai who have made it to the top.
I don’t understand why our producers and directors prefer these Mumbai models and beauty queens. It may have something to do with the colour of their skin.

Do you mean to say that in our glamour struck industry, south Indian girls have no chance?
There are particular characters that suit only south Indian girls like me. In Virumbigiren I play the role of Thavamani, a village belle with no make-up. The role of college going Shweta in April Maadathil will showcase my talent and all these characters count more for me than doing dance numbers with revealing clothes. I don’t believe in exposing to reach the top. If Suhasini, Shobana and Revathy could reach the top without doing glamour roles, why can’t I?

Now that you are doing Vaseegara with Vijay, the troubled times seems to be over?
I am very excited about the film and it will be a turning point in my career. Vijay is a great actor and I have some good emotional scenes with him. Priya of Vaseegara is an unusual girl who is quiet, aloof and dignified. It is a pucca commercial film that has sentiments and good songs. I am confident that the film will do well at the box-office and my astrologers have predicted that 2003 will be my year (Smiles).

The local press is full of stories about your affair with Srikanth.
I have no time for gossips and innuendos. Let them write what they want, as I am more interested in my films and career right now. Oops! The rumour mills are going to work overtime, as Srikanth is my hero once again in Parthipan Kanavu!

Any unfulfilled dreams?
I always dream about a strong author-backed role that would fetch me a National Award.