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With the success of 'Pooveli' director Chelva was finally accepted as a hit film maker and he is happy to be known as one. His film 'Rojavanam' was released a while ago and he has two film projects with Parthiban and Prasanth as heroes. Chelva talks about his struggle and success.

Q: How does it feel to be rated as a successful director after 'Pooveli'?
A: I have given several films before but due to my bad luck they never got me recognition. I had given a film 'Sishya' with Karthik but that got released at the wrong time and I am grateful he accepted a film with me again. The success of 'Pooveli' got me 'Rojavanam' which I think a bonus.

Q: 'Rojavanam' like 'Pooveli' potrays Karthik in a very soft role and the subject of 'Rojavanam' centering around an old age home does not offer much scope to make it a breezy enbtertainer which is what is today’s trend. How do you justify this movie?
A: In fact when every body was going after love and action I wanted to do something different. When I was shooting for an earlier film the next door locale was an old age home and the idea germinated in me from then. Balchander as a producer also likes to do different kind of films and he agreed to the idea. Within that frame-work I included some commercial elements such as the Malavika character and had Laila as the modern girl clad in minis and micros. I think the film has had the desired result because a couple from abroad who saw the film were very moved by the story and they asked me to give me the address of the home so that they could donate liberally.

Q: Which is your next movie?
A: On the floor is Prasanth’s 'Asaiyil Or Kaditham' nearing completion and my next is a Laxmi movie makers film with Parthipan and Meena. After that I have K Balu’s 'Nanbaa' wth Arjun, then Kovai Cheziyan’s Karthik starrer, and a Prasanth film produced by a telegu industralist. Apart from this two more films are under discussion.

Q: Despite having five films on the floor why is that you do not have a distinct style as a director?
A: At present my aim is to be known as a director who gives hit films and I feel that I have till date not given any earth shattering movie. I feel that I am still a struggler. I have suffered a lot and today I have to prove that I am capable of giving hits and only after that can I think of giving a film with my stamp on it.

Q: In future are you planning to do films with soft subjects only?
A: Not exactly. The Parthipan film that I have lined up is suited to his image and I think Karthik has never been known for action and is preferred in soft roles.

Q: The Swiss locales that you chose for the film 'Rojavanam' were well expiloted in the film. Was it your idea?
A: Not exactly. Usually the locales are selected first and then the artistes are taken to the pre-selected spots. But here we did something different. We hired a bus which had beds, toilets and a kitchen in it. The artistes, choreographer, cameraman and producer travelled together in it. When ever we saw a good location we just stopped and then shot the songs at that place. Due to this we were able to capture the interior coutryside without restricting ourselves to the cities only. I personally feel that this is a very good way to work.

Q: What are your future plans? Have you lined up anything special in your mind?
A: Well, to tell you the truth, I have a lot of ideas but I cannot tell you everything now. There has to be an element of suspense. So wait and watch! You will be able to see all these ideas only in my future films.