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Right now glam doll Rambha is the only south Indian actress who has a standing in Hindi filmdom. She has so many films to her credit - 'Judwaa', 'Gharwali Baharwali', 'Bandhan', 'Krodh' and so on. Her forthcoming films are 'Beti No.1' with Govinda and another film with a newcomer. She is trying for a change of image by playing a traditional girl in 'Chussodam Randi' in Telugu and in 'Tamarabarani' in Tamil simultaneously. After doing goody-goody roles, her maiden attempt to do slightly negative role in 'Kodandaramudu' went in vain, so now she should think twice before accepting a similar role. B Anu had a chat with this glam-girl, and let's see what she says:

Q: After being hailed as a 'lucky' mascot in Hindi films will the poor response for 'Krodh' be a setback for you since it wasnít as successful as its Telugu version 'Hitler' in which you played the lead?

A: The film 'Krodh' hasnít fared badly as it made out to be because it has done very well in north and other centres barring south according to my knowledge. Definitely it wasn't a big success like 'Hitler' but it had fetched profits to buyers. About being a lucky mascot, I never thought on those lines till now and I was doing films which came my way without any set goals for Hindi stardom. By godís grace I got good offers and I am also happy doing an occasional film in Hindi. I never aspired to become a big heroine in Hindi films but the chance came to me on its own and so even now I would take up meaty roles if offered without much fuss.

Q: Being the only south Indian actress to have a standing in Hindi films donít you feel you should plan your career meticulously to keep up your position?

A: Mithun Chakraborthy saab launched me in Hindi films with 'Jallad' after seeing my performance in Telugu version 'Yamadharmaraju'. Later I did films like 'Judwaa', 'Bandhan', David Dhavanís 'Gharwali Baharwali' and I have completed 10 films till date. I gained good friends like Raveena Tandon, Karisma and Kajol. From now onwards I would like to be slightly choosy in accepting offers and I am also thinking of appointing a PR person to look after my publicity at Mumbai. Right now I have 'Beti No.1' with Govinda and another film with a newcomer.

Q: By accepting the de-glamourised role in 'Chusodam Randi' are you consciously planning to go in for a change of image?

A: As I said earlier I accept roles coming my way since I never plan anything in life. In this role I'll be in a traditional mould with girl-next-door looks and it has terrific scope for performance. I would never discard my glamour image because whatever I am today is due to that image. It fetched name and fame so I will not give it up on my own for anything in this world.

Q: Your attempt in 'Kodandaramudu' to portray a character with negative shades failed and do you regret doing that film?

A: Since it was for the first time I was initially scared to do that character but I couldnít refuse an offer from a director like S.V.Krishna Reddy. He gave me enough confidence and extracted a good performance from me. I have been aspiring to work with him since I wanted to be associated with his kind of film. Irrespective of its box office prospects I feel that it was one of my best performances so far.

Q: Coming to Tamil films, your recent release 'Suthanthiram' was a disaster. How is your career progressing in Tamil? Do you have good films to look forward to?

A: 'Suthanthiram' wasnít a disaster but it was an okay project. Again I am playing a de-glamourised role in 'Tamarabarani' with Murali. I think they have changed the title now. I have done two schedules for it and I play an old-fashioned girl who wears traditional Tamilian dresses. I would be a typical glam doll with Sarath Kumar in 'Kesavan' and I have recently signed another film. At one point of time I did 14 films in a year but now I have reduced the load by doing selected roles.

Q: How do you feel about working with director K. Raghavendra Rao after a gap? Do your regret for not getting awards despite doing 60 films?

A: It is always great working with him. The story revolves around Jagapathi, Soundarya and myself and it is set against a college backdrop and I am happy for doing a film for a prestigious banner like Usha Kiron Movies. It is very youthful and it is shaping up very well. and now about awards - I bagged the Best Actress award of Kerala Govt. for my performance in my debut Malayalam film 'Sargam' but unfortunately I couldnít make it to the awards function. Since there was noone from my family to guide me I missed the opportunity but later director Hariharan Sir advised me to attend the 100 days function and I attended it. Now I would like to collect that award from the state govt. and I hope they would give it to me. I am happy with the progress of my career and also I donít regret for anything in my life.