Interview Template 2

This Bengali beauty made her debut into Tamil industry with super hit Aasai and with a girl next door image she got into the heart of Tamil audience. When her next film Gokulathil Seehtai was again a hit, she decided to stay on in the industry. Even while she was busy with films she found time to continue her studies and now she has finished her LLB and is a practicing lawyer. Right now she is very selective about her roles and here she finds some time to talk about her career and future plans.

Q. After your success in films like Gokulathil Seehtai and Aasai you were not able to be as popular as you should have been?

A. In these two films, I did not have glamorous roles and it gave me a lot of scope for acting. I became popular among the family audience and I still like to believe that I am considered as a member in their family.

Q. Is it true that Jyothika and Mumtaj’s entry into the field has affected you?

A. That is not true. There is room for every actress here. Roles, which suit my face, will definitely come to me and, I am having couple of good characters right now with me.

Q. How is the New Year for you?

A. I am an optimistic and New Year is surely going to be good for me. In spite of having some good roles in Tamil, I have also some offers from Telugu and Malayalam. I don’t believe in number of films but the quality of films I do.

Q. How do you see hits and flops in the film industry?

A. There is so much of work put in, by various people like artists, technicians etc. When a film flops, I feel so sad that so much energy and hard work have gone for a waste. The amount of money spent nowadays is also very high and so is the risk involved. But luckily now after the success of few films, the industry is looking ahead. Let more number of films be made and let all of them do good business.

Q. How do you react to the statement that even after a super hit, if three films flop an actress is labelled as “unlucky”?

A. This is extremely sad. Not only actress, actors also have to face this trauma of being labelled unlucky after a film flops. This is because our industry is extremely sentimental.

Q. What are your future plans? Marriage?

A. My plans in the future are to work hard and to try and continue being a good human being. Marriage is definitely in my agenda, but only after I feel that I’ have achieved something in life.