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When T Rajinder cast her as Monisha in 'Monisha En Monalisa' it was a dream debut for this debutante heroine who was first signed to play opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a Chetan Anand film.With Rajinder's film's publicity and sucess at box office Mumtaz was chosen to act in P Vasu's 'Malabar Police' and a Parthipan starrer. She speaks about her career:

Q: Tell us about your salad days in Mumbai?
A: Actually I was spotted by Sudhakar Bokade in a dance programme in Mount Mary School in Mumbai and he offered to do a film with me soon after he completed his film with Dilip Kumar. The Dilip Kumar film got stuck and I suppose I was lucky when Chetan Anand spotted me at the film acting course that I was doing and signed me up for his film produced by Bharat Shah and with Shah Rukh Khan as hero.
For one and a half years I was under training as a burkha clad girl and the project was shelved after his death. It was at this time that TR signed me for a 2 year contract and the film took that much time to make because of the strike and his MLA activities.

Q: How do you feel after the success of 'Monisha En Monalisa'?
A: It is a great feeling because when I was finishing the last day of shooting for a P Vasu film the 100th day successful run of 'Monisha En Monalisa' posters, were up in the city and I was coming back to play a role opposite Parthipan.

Q: Tell us something about your personal background?
A: I come from a very orthodox Muslim joint family but we stay separately because the other's in the family don't like my film activities but then I personally feel that lot of people give advise but few are there to give us financial support.

Q: Was it your childhood dream to be an actress?
A: When I was living in a hostel, my room was full of Sridevi posters and when the school bus used to cross Filmistan Studios, I used to crane my neck out to catch a glimpse of the artistes inside and later when I shot inside the studio it was as if a dream come true. Today when it is your posters that are stuck on the walls it is really great feeling.

Q: Why are you not trying your chances in Bollywood?
A: I cannot go through the casting couch which is a must in Mumbai filmdom. Here, in Chennai, T Rajinder signed me and I did not have to face any other problems at all except taking a few yellings at times. The same was the case with P Vasu and Parthiban. So, anyday, I prefer to work in the South.

Q: How do you feel your chances will be in the future and have you set yourself any goals to achieve?
A: Well to tell you the truth, I have not set myself any goals to achieve. I am going to take life as it comes and leave everything to destiny. If I am lucky, then I will definitely be successful.