Teen with biggest feet in Europe finds it 'impossible' to find right shoes

Last Updated: Mon, Sep 17, 2012 10:40 hrs

Finding a pair of shoes that fit her is a biggest issue for a 19-year-old girl from Worcester because she has one of the biggest pairs of feet of any woman in Europe.

At size 14, Emma Cahill has only ever found shoes that fit her at a shop in Germany.

The 6ft 5in Oxford Brookes University student, who is double the UK women's average size of seven, owns one pair of stilettos but finds it 'impossible' to find the right shoes.

"I think I've got the biggest feet in Europe, which makes it impossible to find shoes that fit. I own one pair of stilettos - but they're not very classy. I dream of owning a pair of Louboutins," the Daily Mail quoted Cahill as saying.

Cahill - whose feet are larger than those of 6ft 7in England footballer Peter Crouch, a size 12 - said wearing heels puts her at 7ft, and men are often too intimidated to speak to her when she is out.

Problems that Cahill encounters daily include fitting into cars and banging her head on door frames. She is even considering putting pipe insulator on frames in her home to prevent injury.

Meanwhile she faces wardrobe problems. Finding clothes that fit is a constant battle and she is often forced to wear leggings underneath dresses, which come up too short on her.

From the age of nine she wore a bigger-than-average size nine - the same size feet as her mum Jane, and up to the age of 14 she grew a shoe size every year.

She said she was so relieved when her feet stopped growing, as she was terrified that she would end up with boat feet.

Cahill - whose 49-year-old father Andrew is also a size 14, and 15-year-old sister Jenni is a 10 - added that her feet don't look that big because they are in proportion with her height. (ANI)

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