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`I'm on top of the world`: Trisha
By Moviebuzz
After getting her first Nandi award, Trisha took time off her busy schedule and spoke exclusively to Moviebuzz. Excerpts.

How do you feel after getting the prestigious Nandi award?
On top of the world! More so, because I have been awarded for Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, my all time favourite film.

Would you say it is recognition from the people of Andhra?
Definitely. I would like to attribute any kind of award I get in Telugu to the people of Andhra. After all it all boils down to one thing- (smiles) Audiences acceptability.

Your comment on the Siri character of Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, which got you the award?
Siri is the best character I have played so far. She is so lovable and timid yet so determined to get what she wants.

Whenever you did a village girl, down to earth goody-goody character, it seems to have worked. Do you think this image has worked wonders for you?
Yeah.. coming to think of it, they have done wonders but I never really thought of it that way. Many of our south Indian films have pavada dhavani clad heroines and I am happy I suit them.

But in real life you are a cool city chic with a great attitude. Any contradictions?
I am a typical urban city bred girl, nothing like the characters I play in films. But thatís what makes it interesting for us, to play characters just the opposite.

Your rivals in the industry say that you are a charmer, who works magic with the hero's, who just can't stop raving about you! In fact you are the only heroine who has been repeated by all heroes, a unique feat? Please comment.
I donít know what to say. I am friendly and easy going and take all things connected to film industry lightly. I donít go out of the way to charm people or anything.

As per the trade reports you are clearly the number one heroine in south cinema, who has an opening and fan base. Still why have you not done a heroine oriented film?
First and foremost I do not believe genuinely in number game. It is nice to be on top without any number attachment. Our industry is hero-dominated and I would like to be a part of box office hits. Sometimes you get opportunities to play characters on par with the heroes and many times you donít. Heroine oriented films are too risky and will not run and I have seen the fate of some of the heroine oriented films.

Tell us about your forthcoming films and your roles in them?
I play a very interesting character in Sainikudu with Mahesh and am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for its release this month. Of course my role in Selvaís film will be one of my best and I am very proud of this film. Next will be Don with Nagarjuna. I am looking forward to this film as I am a big fan of Nag and this is the first time I am pairing with him. In Tamil, I play a college girl in Bheema with Vikram and in Kireedom with Ajit I play again a college girl but itís totally different.

Why is that you not doing any Bollywood movies?
I am doing two languages that too active in both. This consumes all my time and energy and where is the time? Unless there is an irresistible offer I am not game.

Any marriage plans?
Nothing whatsoever. There is a long way to go.