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Allu Arjun:" Parugu is a feel-good film"
By Moviebuzz
Stylish star Allu Arjun is busy with the shoot schedules of his latest film Parugu. April 8th has all specialties for the star as he is celebrating his birthday. Following is the excerpts from a quick chat with the young star

What is Parugu all about?
It's a feel good film. Ninety percent of the film is over and the remaining would be finished in a week. Works related to dubbing and other postproduction works are going on at a brisk pace. If everything goes well in tune with our planning, we will be ready to release the film on April 25th. Music will be released on my birthday.

How are you going to celebrate this birthday?
I am not that much particular about the occasion. It all depends on the prevailing mood on that day. Now that I am shooting for Parugu, naturally, the event holds some importance for the unit members and I will be celebrating the same amidst them, though I wish to do it with my parents and friends. Even before also, I enjoyed my birthday moments on the sets of `Aarya`. Now, my family members too are engaged to different works at different places.

Last time you went to Bangkok to join Ramcharan's birthday celebrations. Will he be joining you here this time?
Ha ha ha! That time I was free. No shooting. So, I left for Bangkok and joined the merriment. If he (Ramcharan) is free, then he might come. But, you all know, he is very busy with shooting. Just look. I couldn't attend his recent birthday as I was busy with shooting for ‘Parugu’.

Previously, you did ‘Aarya’ with Dil Raju as producer. Now, you are doing the second film with Raju. What is the difference now?
Of course, there's no big difference in real sense. That time, it was Devi Sri Prasad who scored music, now its Mani Sharma. Then, it was Sukumar as director, now its Bhaskar. The remaining cast and crew is almost the same. That time – me, Dil Raju and Sukumar had no much recognition in the industry. But, after ‘Aarya’, our fortunes changed. I am very hopeful that ‘Parugu’ will also become a blockbuster like ‘Aarya’. You sported a macho look with a six-pack-figure in your previous film. But your body language is different now. Why such a drastic difference?
Yes. That sort of look was a must for ‘Desamuduru’. So, I took on that figure. I always like to bring in some difference in each of my films. Coming to ‘Parugu’, the figure which I look like now is required. So, I am maintaining it.

Even if you don't agree, you certainly have a mass image. But, ‘Parugu’ seems to be a soft film. Do you think, it will satisfy your fans?
I agree that I have an iota of mass image. At the same time, ‘Parugu’ is a soft film. Though I hold a mass image, it’s not limited to action roles alone. But, there is no much concentration on the action part in this film, but it’s done with in the dance segment. The stunts are part and parcel of the moving story, and don't have particular crop-up. But, I assure one and all that my fans will enjoy this movie a lot.

What is the point which prompted you to accept ‘Parugu’? Tell us about the specialties of its director Bhaskar.
For each and every story, there will have a core subject. Definitely, I can't tell you the storyline now, but it's a beautiful subject. It's a conflict between two generations. That is all for now. Coming to director Bhaskar, he is simply superb. He has that uncanny knack of extracting the best performance from the artistes. Seeing ‘Bommarillu’, we thought he had immense talent. But, while working with him, I found that he was surrounded by thousands of papers, which showed that he would prepare multiple versions of certain striking scenes. It's not an exaggeration. A workaholic, Bhaskar will sure shine the brilliant and brightest in the near future.

It is heard you are involved in the administration of Geeta Arts. Are you going to produce too?
Yes. I too wish to do production activities. But, I can't say when it would actually happen. But, I am surely going to become a producer one day.

If it happens (that you becoming a producer), will you be starring in that film, or prefer to post some other hero?
Definitely, I will not be acting. It would be somebody else, preferably from our family heroes.

Will it be on Geeta Arts banner or will you be floating a separate banner?
Surely, it will be on Geeta Arts banner only. It seems ‘Parugu’ took a very long time to shoot?
If you want a quality film, then it would always take time. But it is not the only reason. There are a good number of senior and busy artistes in the film. It is a big task to coordinate with their call sheets. We can't blame anyone. Supposing we want to shoot a scene involving the participation of a good number of artistes, then everything is ready. Suddenly, there is a downpour. Naturally, shooting is cancelled. We have to wait for some other day to coordinate with the call sheets. It is because of these practical problems, ‘Parugu’ got delayed. Now, we are happy. The output came out wonderfully. Of course, you will see that.

What about the music?
For the first time I am doing in the music direction of Mani Sharma. He gave us fantastic music, more of melody in tune with the title and mood of the film. Though you will have a feel that the mass beats are missing, they will soon become memorable.

Always you keep your routine in tact. It might be shooting, or dance practice or gym. Don't you think you are missing something in your life, so young?
Is it missing? In fact, there is nothing that we miss in our personal life. If we say like that, it is only a dramatic statement. Everybody likes to be his own in his personal life. All these words of missing something are just trash.

On reel life, you are busy romancing. What about real life?
Shall ask you one thing? Who on earth will remain without loving somebody? I am not an exception. I am also in love. But I will be happy if you have not asked such questions and me, not answering them. But, I will give some clue. That girl doesn't come from film fraternity.

What about your hobbies?
Traveling and going places. I love music. I watch all kinds of films, regular and offbeat. Spending time with friends is my favorite.

Did you see ‘Jalsa’. How's it?
Yes, on the very release day. How can I miss that? I liked it like anything as I saw Pawan Kalyan in such agility only after ‘Kushi’. Me and Akira (Babai Pawan's son) are going to celebrate our birthday on 8th. Akira is the hero for coming generation.

Tell us about your costar Sheela?
She is a good performer. That's it.

Of all your heroines, Sheela happens to be not that much glamorous?
Nothing like that. All the heroines with whom I worked so far are from the North. Sheela is the first for me from the South. The complexion might differ, due to region-based climates. But, Sheela is a superb performer. She is pretty much apt for that particular role.