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Please donít label me as a glam girl: Tamannaah
By Moviebuzz
Tamannaah is back in Chennai after a long schedule in New York for Gandhi Krishna's Ananthathandavam and a song picturisation with Surya in Namibia for K.V Anand's, AVM produced Ayan. She spoke to Moviebuzz on location of Padikkathavan. Excerpts

What are your current projects?
I am doing Ayan with Surya, directed by K.V Anand sir, Suraj directed Padikkathavan with Dhanush and Gandhi Krishna's off-beat love story Ananthathandavam with a new boy Siddharth. I am also doing Konchem Ishtamga Konchem Kashtamga a Telugu film with Siddharth.

Are you doing Moserbaerís remake of Jab We Met opposite Bharath?
I would have loved the do the role done by Kareena in the original and it is one of my favourite films. But right now my priorities are with the five films that I am currently working on. I donít want to be overcommitted and sign more number of films. But if all goes well, and my dates donít clash, I might take it up. Right now itís too early to say anything.

Why did you change your spelling?
(Laughs) Yes I changed my spelling to Tamannaah, spelled with an extra Ďaí and Ďhí to bring more luck as suggested by Niraj Manchanda. I had met noted numerologist Niraj and he suggested that I changed my spelling to Tamannaah. At that time, I signed Happy Days and this small budget film turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters in Andhra Pradesh. My life changed in a big way as I went on to nag some meaty roles.

Your heroes and directors rave about your dedication and hard work.. Please comment?
I am so happy to know that. I am just a beginner and they all help me a lot. I have been lucky to have worked with some reputed directors like Balaji Sakthivel sir, Sekhar Kammula and KV Anand sir.

Are you back in Allu Arjun film in Telugu and is also doing a film with Mahesh Babu?
I just canít understand how such news reaches the media. (smiles)Actually, I get an offer everyday but how can I do all the films?

You are touted to be the next glam girl of Kollywood? Please comment?
Please donít label me as a glam girl as I want to do good performance here. I donít believe in titillating the audience just for the sake of doing it and will never wear a bikini on screen. I want my parents to be proud of me and the films that I do. They are my biggest supporters and pillars of strength.

Do you think that luck is important in the film industry?
Important?? (laughs) I believe that luck is everything here. I want to do my best in all my films and leave the rest to God.