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Geetha Krishna
Among the younger generation directors, Geethakrishna has a unique style. He won a State award with his very first film, 'Sankeerthana' starring Nagarjuna and Ramyakrishna and followed it with offbeat themes like, 'Kokila', a box office hit and 'Keechuraallu', 'Priyathama' and 'Server Sundaram Gari Abbayi'.
Now the director is coming up with a Tamil-Telugu bilingual, 'Time', after a hiatus of three years. And this time around Geethakrishna promises, a movie in tune with the times and not ahead of times, as is in vogue with him. Geethakrishna talks to us about his latest film and also his future plans:

Q: You seem to have taken a self-made exile from the film field for the past two and half years, and we hear you made it big in other business ventures, but why this gap between your movies?
A: I started my career in films at a very early age. Between 1987 and 1993 I made only four films and three years ago after a short break came back with 'Server Sundaramgari Abbayi' with my own resources, earned from my business ventures. As you are aware, I've a particular style of film making, which people at that time called themes that are ahead of times. My debut film 'Sankeerthana' was a musical love story, set against religious taboos.
Then came 'Kokila' a crime-mystery based on eye transplantation, which was then becoming popular in this country. It was a run-away success. Later on I tried to experiment with 'Keechuraallu', 'Priyathama' on Schizophrenia but both these films were called ahead of their times and so was my later film, 'Server Sundaramagaari abbayi' which dealt with heart transplantation as the under-current to the main theme.
But for producer Vaddi Veerabhadra Rao, I am coming up with a movie that is in tune with the times (smile). And as for the gap, I took it voluntarily, as I waited for the audiences' perception to change.

Q: Do you think that today's audience are different from earlier times?
A: Oh.. yes. They are now wholeheartedly welcoming new ideas, new treatment. Look at the way some of the low budget movies like 'Swayamvaram' have succeeded at the box office. Even the big budget movies are encouraged by the audience only if they contained some novelty.

Q: You seem to have a belief in Chinese Vastu?
A: Oh.. you are referring to these articles. I've been initiated into 'Furoshi', a division of Chinese Vastu. When I went to Singapore for 'Time's shoot, my sister-in-law, who lives there, gifted me these articles, part of 'Furoshi'.

Q: How do you rate your current venture?
A: It is a feel good film. 'Time' transcends all boundaries. It is an ageless story. A triangle love story set against a different backdrop. The inter-action between four characters in an alien land forms the main theme, with Time playing a curious role in their lives! A unique feature of the movie is that it was shot in actual locations in Vizag, Annavaram, Alleppy, Singapore and Malaysia. The musical score by Maestro Ilayaraja is already a sell out. Prabhudeva has done an excellent job emoting along with the diva of Telugu-Tamil cinema, Simran.

Q: We hear that the Singapore Broadcasting corporation has interviewed you?
A: While we were shooting they came there. It was a nice feeling to be interviewed by the Singapore Radio. In fact, Simran plays the role of a broadcaster in the movie.

Q: Today, most of the audience are inclined towards watching the fare at home on television. How do you plan to meet this challenge, as a filmmaker?
A: To distract the audience from Television, we must offer something novel, something attractive. As for 'Time' we have used all the latest technology available like DTS recording and above all packed the film with a theme that attracts the young and old alike, as without a good story, however technically brilliant, a film may not run. And I'm promissing 'Time', as a feel good film for the audience.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: In between I might have dabbled in export (of garment material) or food business and earned enough, but I realised that I can't stop myself from making films. It is a kind of an artistic thrist.
I have a few more story ideas. After the release of 'Time', I'll let you know which one will roll first. There is a message under-current to the theme in 'Time', which I hope the youth will understand only then I will become successful in my mission.
Directors like me are referred to as 'offbeat' ones, because we are different in our approach from the mundane. But this is a misconceived notion. 'Time' is a commercial film with aesthetic value and I would continue to make films of that sort only.