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Shiva Shanmugham
Prashanth, Pooja, Karunas
Srikanth Deva
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The film starts on a promising note but the second half peters out into a mass masala. The decent first half has a good message and looks realistic but slowly down the lane the story loses track.

The trouble with Shiva Shanmugham’s script is that he starts of telling the story of a drought hit village and later changes track to an even more serious issue on bonded labour. The genres do not mix.

Paarapatti is a dry scorched sun baked village somewhere near Madurai where it has not rained for the last two years. Kathirvel (Prashanth) provides succour to the entire village from his meager earning as a traditional art exponent. He brings a well-digger Shanmugham (Mahadevan) and his daughter Mari (Pooja) to the village. Kathirvel has a soft corner for Mari which develops into love but after her father’s freak accidental death, she does not want any association with the village.

Soon everybody in the village migrates to Mount Abu in Rajasthan and due to their gullible nature, are trapped by an agent who makes them bonded labourers at Thakur Das (Vincent Asokan) farm. How Kathirvel becomes the one-man-army and saves them from the clutches of Das and brings them back to their village forms the rest of the story.

The story and situations does not seem convincing. Why should Thakur Das sister Swapna (Namitha) suddenly fall for our hero? All people in Rajasthan speak Tamil! And one song sequence every 15 minutes belted out by Srikanth Deva is too much to bear! The comedy track of Karunas has some off-colour stupid jokes. And some typical clichéd characters –a gluttonous boy who leaves farts, a Rajasthani lady cop who always sings Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai… and lusts after the hero!

The camera of Sridhar passes off Ooty as Mount Abu. In short, watch this film for the one-man-show of Prashanth, as he is the only silver lining in a film with a confused and confounded plot. A talented actor like him deserves a much better script!

Verdict: Average


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