Thai Poranthachu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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Thai Poranthachu



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A few weeks ago we saw Prabhu in the Tamil film `Thirunelveli` as a modern Harischandra who would rather die than utter a lie. As Giri in `Thai Poranthachu` he is just the opposite of Tulasi of `Thirunelveli`.

A house-broker Giri thrives on lies to the extent that for the sake of his beloved he even allows himself to be a party to his own funeral rites! So what, when it looks like everything is lost, his rival goes through the sacrifice act and hands over the girl to him almost on a platter!

The film also has a very `discriminative` villain, he`ll never touch, let alone rape, a married woman! How generous of him!!

`Thai Poranthachu` has a fairly good story line and would have been a good comedy film but for the treatment which often slips into medocrity.

Giri (Prabhu) and Kutti (Vivek) earn their livelihood as house-brokers in the city mainly through their glib talk. Their troubles start when `Torture Dharma` is unexpectedly released from Jail on bail. Giri is the caretaker of Dharma`s house, a portion of which he rents out to Geetha (Kausalya) who has come to the city to meet her lover Aravind. Giri to save Geetha from Dharma lies that she is his wife. He is forced to tell a series of lies to keep up the deception.

Meanwhile he comes to know Geetha is none other than his sister`s daughter for whom he had even gone to jail at the age of ten for a crime he hadn`t committed. When he knows she loves Aravind he gracefully retreats, and to assuage her fears even announces his own death through a newspaper ad. When Dharma realises Giri had duped him all hell breaks loose ensuing in a bitter fight at the end of which Dharma once again is taken into police custody. Geetha terrified of Dharma stays in Giri`s house. Then comes the anticipated twist and the story ends but not before Dharma comes back from jail and rushes to the marriage venue. But it is too late because Geetha is married.and as a `principled` molester he can`t rape Geetha!! So he makes the `supreme sacrifice`, never again will he rape a woman, married or unmarried. Very kind of him!!

Deva`s music score is good especially the lilting numbers Nilave nilave (Hariharan.. ) and Ulakathil ulla athisayam...(Unnikrishnan and Sujatha...).

Prabhu as Giri has done a neat job. His penchant for comedy without overdoing the act has been well exploited by the director. Geetha`s volte- face in the end is too sudden, though there is enough justification for it. Karthik as Aravind with his controlled acting and minimum mannerisms has given a noteworthy performance. He is exceptionally hilarious in the `ghost scene` staged to chase away his sister`s unwanted suitor.

The comic interludes featuring Prabhu and Vivek are funny. But Vivek is too loud and his suggestive naked interludes are obnoxious. He is more tortuous than `torture Dharma`!

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