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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 16 August 2002

Movie Title



Shaji Kailas

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Nedumudi Venu, Saikumar, Kiran

By Moviebuzz

There comes a time in any superstar`s career when he thinks he is bigger than the movies that made him. Mohanlal?s stars somehow shine less brightly today than ever before and in Thandavam, he has borrowed bits and shards of his earlier films like Narasimham and Praja and many others. Thus Thandavam is a cocktail of all his earlier films and the audience are finding the whole affair very stale. The director of the film, Shaji Kailas has to take the blame for messing up the film that largely depended on the superstar`s larger than life image. There is no newness in the story and screenplay and the idea of introducing smutty dialogues and scenes have backfired.

However if you are still curious to know about the story ? two brothers Swaminathan (Nedumudi Venu) and Kasinathan (Mohanlal) have great respect and love for each other. Swaminathan is a true Gandhian and is a farmer while Kasinathan runs an Ayurvedic resort and resides in the town. Kalimuthu Gounder is the villain in the village who hates Swaminathan, as the villagers supports him. Gounder sees Swaminathan as a potential threat to his political ambitions as he runs the administration of the village very efficiently. Like Ramar Pillai, Swaminathan discovers an herbal fuel (!!). There is a city-bred politician Sundar Das (Sai Kumar) a former minister who hates Kasinathan. So the two villains team up and steal Swaminathan?s `fuel` discovery and murder him. So, braying for their blood, Kasinathan comes back to the village to take revenge. He gets the help of the local DYSP whose daughter Meenakshi (Kiran) is in love with him.

It is a totally predictable story and there is too much of lewd dialogues and crude sex in the form of Mumtaz, Anusree& Co. More sickening is that Shaji Kailas has taken some scenes of his earlier hits like the recent Shivam. M.G.Sreekumar has turned music director with this film and all the songs are lifted from Tamil hits. Our heart goes out to the great entertainer like Mohanlal who has been totally wasted in this insipid film. The less said about the supporting cast the better. On the whole this stale avial is not worth to be served for an ?Onasadya?

Verdict : Stale

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