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Thank You review: No thank you for this one!

Thank You
Anees Bazmee
Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan, Suniel Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Rimi Sen
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Should you keep a title that lends itself to so many pun-induced jokes? No Thank You for this one Anees Bazmee – this is the worst film one has seen in the longest time.

The film starts with Bobby Deol (close-up) mouthing a dialogue – not the best way to open a film.

The story has three philandering husbands with dedicated wives who do little more than shop and worry about their husbands having affairs. So welcome to Chauvinists' Inc – a world of mansions, mercs, and multiple maidens.

Vikram, a.k.a The Mastermind (Irrfan Khan) keeps advising employee Raj (Bobby Deol) on women. Vikram likes treating his wife (Rimi Sen) like a servant.

He’s an abusive partner, and at one time, the film shows him take off his belt to strike her.

Raj is a skirt-chaser who keeps fooling his wife (Sonam Kapoor).

Suniel Shetty plays the third friend who has been caught cheating by his wife (Celina Jaitley) several times, but refuses to be faithful.

As you’ve already gathered, the plot is a rehash of films like No Entry.

The three are despicable characters, and Akshay Kumar pops in to rehabilitate the Philandering Husbands Co.

He plays the flute, wears a strange hat, and even flirts with one of the wives.

Meanwhile, he lives in an extravagant bachelor pad with blonde women in mini-skirts scampering around serving him drinks and the like.

If the film is unfair to the men portraying them as being "characterless", the women are weaklings ready to commit suicide at the mention of their husbands having affairs.

One slits her wrists; another is ready to jump off the Niagara Falls. On surviving, they also keep Karva Chauth fasts for their no-good husbands.

The half-baked lecture towards the end, singing praises of the sacrificing Indian woman is a dry formality.

Nothing can be said about the acting (that Suniel Shetty is the best of the lot should tell you something). However, much can be spoken about the casting.

To call these middle-aged actors 'playboys' would be stretching the meaning of the term. For the most part, they make fools of themselves expecting the audience to buy the idea of gorgeous young women falling all over them.

Technically, the film is inconsistent and appears carelessly put together.

The editing jumps shots, each frame is colour-corrected to saturation, and the film cannot even manage syncing lip movements to the tune of a flute.

Writer-director Anees Bazmee, not bringing an ounce of skill or novelty to the film, appears to be resting on past laurels.

We want a 'non-cheating spouse' story, genuine laughs, and great casting next time Mr Bazmee. We’re not Ready (his next one) for another rehash, Thank You.

Rating: ½ star


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