The buzz in town about Manjadikuru

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 15, 2012 10:47 hrs

It bagged a sack full of awards internationally, and got quite a few 'must watch' tags. But Manjadikuru took quite some time to hit native shores.

Now that it has released, people are making up for lost time - aided by reams of positive reviews.

In case you haven't watched director Anjali Menon's nostalgic Manjadikuru, here are a few reasons why you should.

Manjadikuru comes as a whiff of fresh air. Enjoy this fabulous debut of a new talent called Anjali Menon straightaway!

With class dignifying every aspect, Manjadikuru finds a place amongst the best Malayalam movies ever made.

Manjadikuru is a must watch; one which is an irreplaceable loss if not watched in a theatre, on the big screen.

Times Of India

Manjadikuru is a beautifully shot film that can be loved for its sheer earnestness and sense of belonging.

Anjaly Menon's Manjadikuru is an ode to the inherent innocence that once existed in us. Appealing equally to viewers of all ages, the flight of fancy that she offers to this incredible world that once was, is certainly not to be missed!

The film has innocence of children, anxiety of grownups, beauty of a village, and very unique friendships.

At the end, when we leave the theatre with tears, we think about our childhood, happiness, disappointments and little lies and fights we missing now!!

Thanking this young film maker for gifting us or taking us to our childhood life!!

Manjadikuru is enchanting. In this film, Anjali Menon succeeds in giving us a charming view of the adult world seen through the eyes of a child.

Indian Express

The highlight of the film is the heart-wrenching performance of the child artists, especially Sidharth and Vyjayanthi who played Vicky and Roja.

While Urvashi is at her natural best, Murali as the Naxalite-turned-ascetic son and Jagathy as the insensitive husband with a quick-fire temper are simply brilliant.

The film has been kept simple, highlights relationships and family values, and has to be seen with the whole family.

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