The Dark Side Of Movie Industry!

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 12, 2017 10:14 hrs

Once you become rich and famous, the next step is to use the two deadly weapons to build your own kingdom, show your supremacy over others and some of them, even want others to act like their puppets.

Not all actors are fiendish, many of them are humble and down to earth but when the dark side of celebrities come to limelight, the tall castle built over the years come to the ground in one night. Let’s take a look on some of the famous incidents that happened across film industries in India….


Not only in revenue generation, Bollywood also stands on the top when it comes to actors gets caught for committing crimes. Salman Khan’s hit and run, black buck case, Sanjay Dutt’s involvement in Mumbai blast, John Abraham’s rash driving and Saif Ali Khan’s fight with a person in Taj are some of the famous crimes committed by Bollywood actors.


Tamil Cinema’s first Superstar MK Thyagaraja Baghavathar and Comedy Legend NS Krishnan’s alleged participation in the murder of controversial Tamil film journalist Lakshmikanthan shook the entire industry in the 19th century. It was a high-profile criminal trial happened between 1944- 1947. Apparently, Lakshmikanthan published the personal secrets of many stars, which earned him the enmity and among several of them, Thyagaraja Baghavathar, NS Krishnan and film producer Sreeramaulu Naidu were arrested for hiring henchmen to murder the journalist. Both Thyagaraja Baghavathara and NS Krishnan spent nearly 30 months in prison.

Popular villain actor MR Radha was arrested for shooting Late Chief Minister and Tamil cinema’s biggest Superstar MGR, which was another popular crime sent shock waves in Kollywood

Mansoor Ali Khan was sentenced seven years prison for raping his own secretary but later, it was found that the secretary was married already and used the situation to extract money from the actor. Filmmakers SJ Suryah was briefly arrested for throwing a cell phone at a censor board official and later granted bail. Recently, actor Arun Vijay was detained for drunken driving.

Apart from these incidents, there were many fraudulent and petty cases against a few well-known and small actors in Kollywood.


Dileep’s arrest in the actress abduction case is the current hot topic across the country. The "Hero of the masses" (Janapriya Nayakan as he is known among fans)  is the prime accused in the abduction and molestation of a popular actress  This shameful incident has destroyed his goodwill and fame among people of Kerala. Though the crime is yet to be legally proven, the damage has been done already.


Balakrishna’s alleged gunfire against producer Bellamkonda Suresh and astrologer Satyanarayana over financial and publicity issues had shuddered Tollywood in 2004. Though the issue has settled now, it’s one of the shocking incidents ever happened in Telugu film industry.

Famous Telugu actor Suman, who also acted as the villain in Rajinikanth’s Sivaji and Vijay’s Kuruvi was arrested for raping and forcing women to shoot blue films, however, all those allegations proved to be false.


In Sandalwood, leading actor Darshan embroiled in a domestic violence case against his wife Vijayalakshmi, he even spent 14 days in Parappana Agrahara. Later, Kannada cinema’s veterans Ambreesh and Jaggesh solved the issue in an out of the court settlement. During the controversy, Darshan issued an open apology to his fans.

- Rajasekar S

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