The Dileep evidence-gathering trips and the police plan behind it

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 13, 2017 13:07 hrs

So, Dileep is now in police custody and he is being taken around by his new location hunters - the Special Investigations Team.

But what do the police hope to achieve with such ‘evidence-gathering’ trips?

Among the places the cops took Dileep to on Wednesday were the Santhigiri College in Thodupuzha and Abad Plaza hotel in Kochi.

The Kinattingal Tennis Club and Joy's Palace, a four-star hotel, both in Thrissur, are among the other locations where the plot was allegedly hatched and they too have made it to the list of sites on the evidence-gathering tour.

Usually these trips are done when small-time criminals end up in the net for thievery. Their primary aim is to recover the evidence – the thondimuthal - a word trending beyond the shores of Kerala recently thanks to Dileesh Pothan’s masterly Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum.

In this case, though, there is little chance that showing Dileep around will yield any such confirmatory evidence.

At the Santhigiri college, the cops were even unable to get Dileep out of the police van as the residents of Thodapuzha decided to vent their ire against the accused.

At other places, where the cops have had better luck, it will be interesting to know the questions they were asking Dileep. Could it have even gone beyond the ‘Tell us, did you sit towards the left or to the right? Where was Pulsar Suni sitting? What did you tell him? What were his replies?’ routine?

Dileep, at least publicly, has made it clear that he is being framed and has hired one of Kerala’s seniormost advocates to plead his case. We can be certain that the 48 year old is not going to give away any new crumbs of evidence just because he has been ferried to these sites.

What then are the cops hoping to achieve?

Remember, the title Dileep used to carry till his arrest. He was the Janapriya Nayakan (the hero whom the masses adored), the darling of the families across Kerala. By showing the 48-year-old star the extent of public opprobrium and the hate he now faces, the police are possibly attempting to lower his defences, to make him crumble.

These trips also are meant to make him feel that he has now been demoted to the ranks of an ordinary criminal. They also serve to deliver the instant retribution that those who have already held Dileep guilty demand. Remember, the wheels of justice grind slowly in our land and which way they finally weigh will not be known anytime soon.

The other purpose it will serve is make Dileep’s friends/relatives who police suspect helped him attempt a cover up realise the fate awaiting them if they fail to cooperate.

The move of the police to draw the Enforcement Directorate into the probe is another interesting development. There are definitely many suspect deals that will tumble out if such an inquiry proceeds and there will definitely be those beyond Dileep who could come under the pale of such an investigation. All of them now have reasons to fear.

All these are definite signs of the pressure being ratcheted up against the accused actor and those in his immediate circle.

Meanwhile, the news that Kalabhavan Mani’s brother RLV Ramakrishnan wants land deals involving Mani and Dileep to be investigated adds to the accused actor’s headaches. Ramakrishnan says he has always suspected the land mafia to have been the masterminds involved in his brother’s death.

A criminal or not, Dileep’s woes are brimming over.

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