The end of 'New Generation' dream in Mollywood?

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 22, 2013 06:07 hrs

Until a few years back, Malayalam films were mainly focused on the superstars. When the situation changed a bit with a couple of films that focused on the storylines and different narrative styles found success without any star labels, the movement was christened as “new generation.”
The so-called “new generation” films featured unlikely heroes and told some hard hitting, realistic stories instead of the 'good wins over the bad' routine.
But now everyone who shot into fame thanks to the new development seems to be so eager to move away from the 'new generation' tag. Be it actors or the directors, all of them seem to be averse to the term, 'new generation'.

And of late, the unconventional themes have been receiving set backs, with several poorly made films being churned up in haste and included in the category. The veterans, who insist on continuing with the conventions, never waste an opportunity to mock the 'new generation experiments', in their own way.
Though it is too early to write-off the trend, it is believed that the eagerness of a few to take advantage of the situation and include the titillating movies under the bracket was the main reason that weaned the viewers away. With several films showing irritating double meaning dialogues and adultery in the name of boldness, the experiments were unacceptable for the family audiences.
When the whole purpose of it was to experiment, most of the 'new generation' films just copied from either already made international films or the usual patterns like, the multi-linear style of storytelling for instance.
The result is that “new generation” has been dubbed as sleaze these days. Can things improve? Let's wait and watch.


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