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The Guard

The Guard
The Guard
Kalabhavan mani,
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By Moviebiz

It is Kalabhavan Mani?s one man show. He plays Appukuttan,a forest guard in a unique film which has just one character. Remember 32 years back Sunil Dutt did the same in Yaadein.The film directed by Hakim, a former assistant to Bharathan is watchable. Thanks to Mani?s gutsy performance.

The story in a nutshell is how a poor man, Appukuttan(Mani) gets a job as a forest guard. He stays deep inside the forest all alone and his best friends are a monkey and an elephant. Appukuttan slowly adjusts to his life in the forest, before he finds that poachers are swindling the forest, of its wealth. How Appukuttan?s one man army demolishes the poachers form the rest of the story.

Mani even sings his own songs in the film. The camera of Salu George is a major plus point in the movie. The director Hakim has given it an interesting treatment not seen in regular films.

Verdict: Watchable


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