The Hollywood `She` Superstar

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Considered as one of the very few Hollywood stars with incredible high-plus intelligence quotient, she combines brains with beauty and is hailed as "the sex symbol of the New Hollywood." She is also an excellent actress with a wide range of talent, and has created memorable roles in recent years. Such an all- in-one star and actress is the bewitching beauty Sharon Stone.

Her intellectual image did not prevent her from establishing another image as screen sex siren who would not bat an eyelid in doing sequences, which have shocked other Hollywood actresses. The most shocking moment of them all was in her role in the controversial from Basic Instinct in which she exposed a good part of her body from the feet up, which a noted critic described as "the notorious crotch shot!"

She also did sequences wearing tight clothes emphasizing her mammary assets. At one stage critics felt that she was only fit for the proverbial typecast 'dumb blonde’ roles! But she was made of sterner stuff and proved herself an actress of merit and talents. Not surprisingly she became the most discussed and gossiped about Hollywood star of the 1990’s.

Inspite of her glowing glamorous looks she was born in working-class ambiance on March 10, 1958 in a small town in Pennsylvania State. The family was large and not so well off with her father being a factory worker but young Sharon revealed intellectual leanings even as a kid by turning out to be a voracious reader, a habit not normally noticed in small town working-class families especially among girls.

With her looks she easily won local beauty contests and her intelligence enabled her to win a very deserved scholarship from Edinboro University, Pennsylvania. She was just fifteen and studied creative writing and arts, and deciding to be a model she relocated to New York City entering a career of modeling in which she was expectedly successful appearing in well-known print medium and television ads like Diet Coke and others.

She took her bow in movies in 1980 in Woody Allen's Stardust Memories. Many insignificant and eminently forgettable roles as the dumb blonde displaying her fulsome figure and little else did not help to fast-forward her movie career. Recognition came to her when she played the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. She played an interesting supportive role in the fantasy movie, which attracted much attention, and brought Sharon Stone into limelight.

Then came in 1992 Basic Instinct which elevated her to stardom. It was the story of a suspended detective who follows a chief suspect in a murder investigation, a woman crime writer whose novel contains a detailed discussion of a similar murder.

Cast opposite Michael Douglas, Stone sizzled in the female lead and the intimate scenes delighted - and also stunned - moviegoers around the world with its sex and violence and explicit scenes. The critics described, that "the movie will only appeal to your basic instincts!". However this controversial movie made Sharon Stone a star with a sexy screen presence.

Indeed this movie played such a role in her life that her biography written by Douglas Thomson is entitled "Sharon Stone: Basic Ambition"!

Sliver (1993) enhanced her reputation as a sexciting on-screen sizzler. Many thought that she was only fit for such kind of sexciting roles. However she proved them all wrong with Casino (1995). A Martin Scorsese movie it was based on a real-life story of a guy who is put in charge of a Las Vegas casino by the Mafia and it runs into trouble when he tries to run the business in an honest way and falls in love with a call girl, a role played by Sharon Stone.

The film had an excellent cast with Robert De Niro in the male lead. For her excellent performance she received an Oscar nomination but did not get the coveted gold. However she won the Golden Globe for her difficult but deftly enacted role.

She proved that she's just not a looker l but also an excellent actor in the remake of the French classic Diabolique in which her role came to be highly praised by critics. More evidence came up as an actress who could create the right impression without even appearing on screen, when she lent her voice for the successful Antz (1998).

Her later films have been a mixed bag with more flops but unfazed by harsh critics and crowds she continues to make movies and even takes part in producing if the script interested her. Her production company has the unusual name "Chaos"! In recognition of her contribution to arts, and the French Government conferred on some years ago "the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters."

As an intellectual Sharon Stone has always spoken her mind which makes good copy for the American press. Her most famous quote is about the nature of man and woman. She said, "Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships!"

That’s Sharon Stone who can not always hide her basic instincts!

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