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The Last Supper

The Last Supper
Vinil Vasu
Unni Mukundan, Anu Mohan, Pearle Maaney
Ajayan Vincent
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Debutant director Vinil Vasu’s The Last Supper takes the viewer along with three friends, who are on an adventure trip to a hilly jungle in the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border. The going gets tough after a while and then, everything happens as it happens in films of this genre.

Alby (Unni Mukundan), Imran (Anu Mohan) and Pearle (Pearle Maaney) are on the way to “Sathaan Kotta” in the Pillayarthedi manam. They have a local guide for company and they find a wildlife photographer in between. But soon after the trio are left alone in the wild.

Though the story has heavily been inspired from the fantastic horror flick The Blair Witch Project (1999) with some minor changes towards the climax, this one is far from gripping. A major part of the film shows animals, mostly created using computer graphics, as if it is some episode from those “wildlife” channels. We wait for any interesting development and sadly, it all happens towards the end, that too in a clichéd and predictable way.

Director Vinil Vasu tries in vain to keep the viewers engaged with visuals from the jungles and some ineffective thrills. Ajayan Vincent’s camera is good but that alone is not enough to salvage this one.

The less said about the performances of the actors, the better. Anu Mohan is perhaps the best among the three, but his acting talent is far from satisfactory. Unni Mukundan looks good but his face is often devoid of any emotions. Pearle Maaney is far from impressive in her maiden attempt as an actor.

The Last Supper is a film that has been presented far more seriously than what it is worth. The film manages to give you some scary moments but that is not all that you want from a movie for sure. This “supper” leaves you wanting for more!

Verdict: Below Average


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