The new recipe to make a Malayalam film

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 05:48 hrs

What are the essential ingredients of a modern day Malayalam film? In an industry where almost everyone is vying to follow a hit trend, here are the 5 mantras or the secret recipe to make one.
1. No pooja, only Facebook announcements: Every announcement, news, trailer launch and even the music videos appear first on the Facebook page of the directors. It will be ready for sharing from then on. There are some marketing sites, which will post exclusive photos and news during the production stage. Once the film gets released, reviews start appearing raving how wonderful the film is!

2. Satellite right: After the announcement of a project, the main concern is to find a buyer of the satellite rights. This is purely based on the star value and not on any real merit of the movie. Mostly, this will cover the entire production cost of the film, which means that the investment is guaranteed before the film reaches the cinemas. Poor viewers, you are never a concern in this modern world!

3. Video of the song recording: Why this Kolavari in Malayalam? After the song recording session was made into a blockbuster video in the Tamil film 3, almost everyone makes it a mandatory affair in Malayalam these days. A singing hero is an added advantage. So you will see the hero, the music director and the director having a relaxed session at the studio, where they will laugh, record and let the world know what all they did there.

4. No linkups, only accidents: It was an accepted custom in Bollywood until recent times where there will be stories linking the hero and heroine until the film reaches the theatres. It was regarded as the best form of publicity for the film. Here, the hit trend is to report some accidents that happened during the shooting. The gullible media will ensure some free publicity for the film in the process.

5. Masala, Melodrama or Sex: During modern times, you have make a Malayalam film either as per the age old pattern of comedy, masala, melodrama, romance and so on or go for the new generation ingredients like dialogues peppered with expletives of all forms, drugs, booze, sex and bold women!


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