`The photos were morphed`

Last Updated: Fri, May 10, 2013 13:15 hrs

Ram Charan`s infamous brawl with two techies is drawing undue attention. 

Ram Charan Tej landed himself in a controversy after he and his private security guards allegedly attacked two software engineers for not giving way to them at a traffic signal on Sunday afternoon. Today Charan spoke to the media and gave his version. 

Cherry informed media that he maintained silence during the whole episode, so that he can guard the career of the two techies. If he spoke there was a possibility that it could harm them, he opined. 

"But media has been making false allegations, so I came here to respond and say what had happened," he said.

"On that day I was going to Taj Krishna for lunch. My parents were there already waiting for me. I was traveling in my car with my wife. When we reached the GVK Mall circle, a Maruti Alto (or some car) with an `L` board was ahead of our car and not moving. So I honked. The guys got out of the car and came to my car. They even knocked our car door. 

"They didn`t look like software guys on that day. That guy who came to my car had ruffled hair, wore shorts etc. They didn`t look like techies," he went on. 

Ram Charan knowing his celebrity status did not move out of the car. He questioned the media, `what would you do if your wife was with you?` He said that he knew that he should not react and he just did that. In turn he called his security guys who were two cars ahead of him. The security came and got involved in a fist fight.

Ram Charan said that both the parties involved were wrong. His security committed a mistake, so did the techies. "However, I did not step down from my car," Ram Charan added. "A day later, a guy called me and blackmailed me that he has the photos of the incident. But they are morphed pics," he stated.  

Cherry refrained from revealing this guy`s name. Cherry affirmed that the pictures were morphed which were published in various media.  

Ram Charan concluded saying that he is a law abiding citizen and he did not want the media to report false news. The techies behaved badly. 

Finally he reiterated that he is a celebrity and he knows he should not react in public. 

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