The Skin I Live In makes Mr Loony's skin crawl

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 01, 2012 09:52 hrs

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Recurring nightmares about plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong have woken me up in the ungodly hours of night, and I have run screaming to the closest mirror to check if my face retained the faintest semblance of humanity. Upon hearing that the famed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar tackled the subject of plastic surgery in his latest film La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In), I wasted no time in tracking it down and watching it.

Antonio Banderas, a regular in Almodovar's earlier films, returns after a gap of twenty one years to play the character of Robert Ledgard, an expert working in the cutting edge of plastic surgery. Skins are the motif in this sci-fi horror/thriller about this plastic surgeon and the experimental procedures he performs on his mysterious patient.

The patient, seemingly held captive in a locked room in the surgeon's house, has had her skin replaced with the damage resistant artificial skin developed by him. The identity of the patient and her connection to his past form the plot of this macabre thriller.

Rarely has revenge been served so effectively on film since Oldboy, and it is as wickedly satisfying as the torment undergone by the central character of that film, Oh Dae-su. The Skin I Live In is beautifully shot, with the body as a centerpiece of the canvas. What is the final frontier of change in cosmetic surgery, one wonders after watching the film. Almodovar has raised the bar and perhaps it is time for my nightmares to return.

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