The travails of SA-RO-JA!

Last Updated: Mon, Sep 01, 2008 04:52 hrs

Amma Creation's T.Siva produced Venkat Prabhu's eagerly awaited Saroja distributed by Pyramid Saimira is going through pangs of delivery pain.

The film's release date has been changed three times (Aug 15, Aug 22, and Aug 30) and is now appearing in ads as September 5. But will it make it to the theatres this time?

First and foremost the producer T. Siva, has to pay up nearly Rs 85 lakhs to his bank and creditors. The Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT) has prohibited and restrained Prasad Lab where the film is being processed, from releasing the prints of the film, till the matter is settled.

Even if Pyramid Saimira bails out Siva by paying his debts, the powerful theatre lobby wants to issue a red card against the film. Remember the Kuselan issue is yet to be sorted out, and theatres want PS to pay them as they are the distributors of the film.

Meanwhile the pre-release buzz on the movie is very good, the music of Yuvan has clicked and the film has the potential to take a big opening.

And Sep 5 if it releases, it may also get an advantage of a solo youth opening as Dhanam is in a different genre.

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