'The Walking Dead' creator says Season 8 is 'heavy on action'

Last Updated: Sun, Aug 06, 2017 06:47 hrs

[U.S.A.], August 6 (ANI): 'Walking Dead' fans, get ready to see big action sequences in the Season 8 of the show as the showrunner believes that the season is quite heavy on action.

According to the Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Scott M. Gimple assured the fans that the intensity will come early and come often in Season 8.

He said, "It's massively heavy on the action. I really wanted to push into different ways than we've done things in a long time, just by virtue of we're a show going into its eighth year and I really don't want to do what we've done before, even if we've done it really well."

"If we're super satisfied with it, that's why we shouldn't do the same thing. And because of that and really mostly because of the narrative itself, I had us embrace a really action-heavy story for several episodes in a row," he added.

The director also shared that the first four episodes are all bursting at the seams.

"And even what I would call the quieter episode, which is episode 5, even looking at that, it still doesn't feel chill and introspective," shared Gimple.

The emphasis on high-octane output will help give Season 8 its own distinct feel, while also raising the stakes on a weekly basis.

"We're pushing ourselves to structure the stories in different ways, or at least, different ways than we've done in a long time. It's action on action on action."

Season 8 of 'The Walking Dead' premieres on October 22. (ANI)

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