Theatre more interesting than films, says Gulzar

Source : IANS
Last Updated: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 06:26 hrs

Besides writing lyrics and screenplays, Gulzar has also penned several plays like Kharashein and Arey O Henry, and says theatre is more interesting as you get "audiences' instant reaction" and have scope to "rectify mistakes".

"Theatre is a very beautiful and interesting medium because it's a live show, unlike a film - once released, it's gone," said the veteran who has also written other plays - Lakeerein and Atthaniyaan - to name a few.

The 79-year-old was speaking on Friday, when his new play Paansa was showcased at the Prithvi Theatre.

"In films, there is no scope to rectify any mistake... but in theatre, you can rectify it the next day," added the prolific writer who also wrote script for his directorial venture Maachis apart from penning songs like Mera gora ang lai le, Musafir hoon yaron, Mera kuchh samaan and item song Kajrare

Talking about the theatre audience, Gulzar said, "They give you instant response".

Earlier titled Draupadi, the play was renamed Paansa. It is about a particular moment in Mahabharata when Arjun, Bhim, Nakul and Sahdev die after drinking poisonous water. Yudhishthir, the eldest Pandav, is then asked to answer a few question to bring his bothers back to life.

Paansa is an adaptation of author Pavan K Varma's English poem Yudhishthir and Draupadi, and Gulzar said: "I translated that book (poem) and I realised that just like we have been reading Paradise Lost in our courses, why don't such books came out that are from our own culture and mythologies? So, that's why it was translated in Hindi."

Through the play, Gulzar and theatre veteran Salim Arif have explored the world of musical.

Gulzar said that "after the book was published in Hindi, I was not satisfied as I felt that there is still much more that needed to be told".

The Padma Bhushan awardee always had a wish to adopt Varma's poem into a musical play.

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