Thee Nagar

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 28 July 2007

Movie Title

Thee Nagar



Star Cast

Karan, Udhayathara, Shanmugarajan

Every hero worth his salt in Kollywood wants to do a larger-than-life superman movie, without taking his core strengths into consideration. Karan after doing some off-kilter movies, now wants to do the superman act with Thee Nagar, which turns out to be a turkey!

There is nothing new in story or presentation and the film sags towards the climax, and is a total let down. Thirumalai, the director has etched the plot of the film from Dharani?s action movie Dhil, added some masala, and remixed it.

?Yamaha? Murugan (Karan) is a former student union leader in a Chennai city college, a ?Mr. Nice Guy?, who will do anything for his friends and the college he studied. His basic principle is that college is meant for learning and ?porikkis, politicians and policemen? should never enter the campus. Murugan looking for employment, fed up of the lackadaisical attitude of the state employment exchange, starts a tea-shop in its premises, with the help of friends (Sukumar) and blessing of his mother, and a girl Nadhiya (Udayatara), who falls for him.

But trouble comes in the form of a nasty and corrupt cop ?F.I.R? Murthy (Shanmugharajan), who crosses swords with him. Murugan is willing to stay clear of the foul mouthed cop, but the guy is not willing to leave him in peace. Finally Murugan has to take up the cudgels, in his battle for survival.

Karan has put on weight and his paunch shows, in the beach song with Udayatara. Udayatara, has one single expression throughout the film, Shanmugharajan hams and there is no comedy track for any relief. Jassie Gift, the singer makes his debut as a music director, there is not even one hummable number. Before the interval there are four songs almost back to back and in the later half two more, which leave you totally exasperated.

The film moves at a leisurely pace, as there is no basic story or any twists in the narrative. The director has six songs, three fight scenes, and some dialogues in between! In a single word- Avoidable.

Verdict: Torture

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