Theru Naaigal Review: A below average film with a good message

Three positives about the film — catchy title, noble theme and the duration

Source: SIFY

By: Moviebuzz

Friday 22 September 2017

Movie Title

Theru Naaigal



Star Cast

Appu Kutty, Madushudhana Rao, Mime Gopi, Pavel Naganathan,Ram Prathee

What happens if ordinary men come together to kidnap a powerful MLA for his crooked plan to destroy the welfare of their place by implementing a dangerous chemical factory forms the main plot of Theru Naaigal.

There are three positive points about the film — catchy title, noble theme and the duration (1hr 40 minutes). But as a movie, Theru Naaigal lacks the spark to be an intriguing vigilante thriller. The writing lacks quality, except for Imman Annachi none of the actors including Mime Gopi, Madhusudhana Rao, and Appukutty attract us.

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The film is also disjointed with a lot of characters and things begin to make sense only after the flashback, which comes only in the second half. For a thriller like Theru Naaigal, action sequences play a vital but here things are insipid and nothing really captivating.

Director Hari must be appreciated for trying to convey a much-needed message through a crisp film but he should work a lot in screenplay and execution to exactly bring his ideas on the big screen. The cinematography, music, and performances of the actors are also not up to the current Tamil film standards.

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Overall, Theru Naaigal is a below average film with a good message.

Theru Naaigal review - Verdict: Below Average