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Thillalangadi is boring

M Raja
Ravi, Shaam, Tamannaah, Vadivel, Santhanam
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Jayam Company
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Jayam Ravi and his brother Jayam Raja are one of the best actor-director combinations in Tamil cinema. Though there is nothing original about their work, the winning combo has regaled us with some terrific entertainers in the past. Naturally then, you expect their latest venture together Thillalangadi to take the family legacy forward.

Normally, Raja is very careful about the remakes he chooses for Ravi, as he knows his brotherís pluses and minuses, like the back of his hand. However this is the weakest film of the brothers to date. Raja has blundered in his choice of remaking Ravi Tejaís comedy laugh riot Kick into Tamil.

The strength and the reason for the Telugu film turning out to be a hit was Ravi Teja and his comic timing, fast play of words and dialogue delivery. By now Raja should have realized that Tejaís strengths are not exactly Raviís strong points. The film was also made as a scene to scene remake, and the comparison between the two leading men stands out like a sore thumb.

What's the story?

Nisha (Tamannaah) meets Krishna Kumar (Shaam) in a train in Malaysia, arranged by their respective parents. They rewind their past about a man creating havoc in their lives. But they don't realize that it is the same man they are in search of. Krishna (Jayam Ravi) is a fun loving young man who believes in doing everything in life including taking risks just for the kick of it.

He takes life very lightly and does not care for others feelings as he is supported by his parents (Prabhu & Suhasini) who adores him and gives him support! Krishna meets Nisha and they fall in love but separates.

Krishna Kumar, a cop from Chennai is also on the lookout for a man who made his life miserable as he robs the rich and affluent people and escapes without any trace. Meanwhile Nisha agrees to marry Krishna Kumar and Krishna also lands up there. The rest of the story is all about how Krishna wins back his lady love and the real intention behind his robberies are revealed.

To be entirely honest, we donít quite understand what the film was trying to say in the first place. Is the hero justified by his activities for the simple reason that he does it for the kick of it? Ok, you want to establish the hero as a Robin Hood who robs from rich politicians and help poor children in need of medical attention. Nothing wrong in it, but make it a little more convincing. The humour is ordinary, and the climax heist that the hero attempts is the most embarrassing one you can remember in recent times.

Your heart goes out to Ravi who struggles to make you laugh. He is an actor who can take an ordinary scene and turn it into something hilarious on the strength of his screen presence and comic timing but here he misses the bus, being burdened with far too many lengthy dialogues and silly buffoonery.

Tamannaah, after that fantastic performance in Paiyaa tries earnestly to pull off the impossible task of making her character credible. Be it her make-up or costumes she needs to give more care. She wears the same kind of clothes when she is doing a dream song, walking on the streets or is at home.

Shaam does a neat job and is menacing at the same time likeable, especially in the last scene. There is nothing complimentary that can be said about the rest of the actors. Vadivel does his usual comic act and is no match on Brahmanandam who did the original.

Santhanam is a pain and the hospital scenes of him with Ravi who goes through memory loss is a challenge to sit through. And why Suhasini and Prabhu agreed to do this film, will remain a mystery.

Yuvan loses his Paiyaa form as the music is very ordinary as the songs are thrust down your throats, and their placement acts as a roadblock. It's punishingly long for a film with a running time of nearly 3 hours, more so because the narrative lacks the power to keep you hooked to the proceedings.

Verdict- Below Average


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