'Thimiru Pudichavan' Single- A commercial track that falls flat

Last Updated: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 10:55 hrs
Vijay Antony's 'Thimiru Pudichavan' progressing at a brisk pace

Cast: Vijay Antony, Nivetha Pethuraj
Music: Vijay Antony
Direction: Ganesha

Track Analysis:
Naga Naga
Singer: VM Mahalingam
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

‘Naga Naga’ starts out like a chant and goes on to establish itself like an ‘opening/theme song’. The instrumentations are found rooted with the usage of horns, heavy percussions & frame drums. VM Mahalingam’s vocals scale high pitches and are focused on delivering a powerful rendition. Some might find the music to be quite outward and jarring but the nature of the song is such that it needs to be this powerful track that reaches to the masses. There is very less novelty in musical terms here but the ‘Thimiru than pudichavan’ is quite addictive. Let us wait for the rest of the album to unearth what the composer Vijay Antony is coming up with!

Track Verdict: A commercial track that falls flat!

Track Rating: 2.5/5

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