Things live-in couples should consider before they get hitched

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 19, 2013 09:40 hrs

Society favours wedded couples over unmarried pairs, which is why living together without marriage has the old nickname of "living in sin."

So how do you know if you are meant to be a happily unwed person forever or if it's time for you to head to the altar.

There are 10 things to consider when making the decision about remaining unmarried or having their nuptials.

Firstly, the question is if you believe in matrimony and like the idea of marriage, if you do then maybe it is time to get back to your roots and take the plunge, the Huffington Post reported.

Secondly do you feel that matrimony will make you feel safer and more secure in your relationship, after all, marriage is more permanent than just being in a relationship. You can't just curse each other and never speak again like you can if you are in a relationship without the legalities.

Thirdly, is there a reason why you are living with your loved one without marriage, is it because that was the next step in your relationship trajectory and marriage is next and you have just been lazy, or is it because this is what you and your partner decided was right for both of you.

Fourthly, have you refrained from getting married as you are a commitmentphobe and marriage seems more permanent than cohabitation, be honest with yourself about this and if you are just scared about taking that next step, talk to your partner or to a professional about your fears and maybe you can work through them.

Fifthly, have you hesitated about walking down the aisle out of lack of desire to plan a wedding? If this is the case and you actually would like to be married, go ahead and elope.

Sixthly, have you stayed away from matrimony as deep down you are not sure that your significant other is the right one for you? If this is the real reason why you are like this then maybe it is time to admit this and do something about it, instead of staying in the wrong relationship for even longer than you already have.

Seventhly, are you scared of divorce, are you one of those people who grew up in a divorced family and swore that when you got married, you would never get divorced, if yes then you need to take the pressure off yourself on this. Just because your parents got divorced, doesn't mean history will repeat itself.

Eighthly, are you holding yourself, your partner and your relationship to an impossible standard as you grew up with picture-perfect parents, in this case, cut yourself a break. Regardless of how you remember it, your parents' relationship wasn't as perfect, as all relationships have their ups and downs and relationships take work.

Ninthly, are you scared that marriage might ruin your relationship, Don't pay attention to friends who tell you that "getting married ruined their relationship, as their relationship got ruined because they ruined it, not because they got a legal document that made them commit to each other.

Lastly, are you scared that your sex life will suffer or become non-existent if you get married? Your sex life is what you and your partner makes of it, irrespective of whether you are married, living together or simply monogamous. (ANI)

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