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Arjun, Pooja Gandhi, Sai Kumar, Karnas
Srikanth Deva
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It’s high time that Arjun thought of reworking his ‘action king’ image. His latest Thiruvannamalai is another clone of his earlier films. The plodding plot by Perarasu is a rehash of so many films and is as stale as day before yesterday’s Sambar!

It follows the hoary formula of all mass masalas, and there is not even one scene or dialogue which is original. Arjun looks jaded in a dual role; others including new girl Sania Vakil and arch villain Sai Kumar are a total waste. Srikanth Deva’s music makes you squirm uncomfortably in your seat.

The story is about a tough and rough Arjun a local cable operator in a small town, who rubs the local MLA and thug Sai Kumar the wrong way. Arjun of course has a loving mom and a caring sister Mallika, and comic friends Karnas and co. A teacher Pooja Gandhi after some initial misunderstandings falls for him and they sing dream songs. Meanwhile mom takes Arjun to Thiruvannamalai to get him reformed from his rowdy ways. There they meet a Swami who is a spitting image of the hero!

The Swami Arjun believes in Gandhian methods of non-violence and tries to influence Rowdy Arjun. They decide to quietly exchange places for three months, which leads to further complications that has been seen in many, many films. Finally Swamy Arjun loses his cool as he is also forced to take cudgels against the evil MLA and the system that supports him.

The film has been haphazardly shot and conceived, every scene has been inspired from an earlier film and Perarasu’s punch line spewing appearance is very similar to his earlier cameos. There is hardly any comedy, which is also a weak point for a mass masala film, and the second half is a big drag. It looks like the writer director has run out of ideas and is just rehashing his earlier dialogues.

Verdict- Avoidable


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