'Thozha' audio review

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 02, 2016 10:02 hrs

Cast: Karthi, Nagarjuna, Tamannaah
Music: Gopi Sundar
Direction: Vamsi Paidipalli

Album Analysis:

Baby Odathey
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
Baby Odathey’ is very fresh and the jazzy arrangements make this track the pick of the album! The sweet tenors play it well along with the chords. There’s a quirky undercurrent throughout the entire track. Quirky is the word!

Door Number
Singers: Geetha Madhuri
The contemporary kuthu song in the album! ‘Door Number’ is aimed at the masses and is a typical run off the mill number with a tune that is as old as the hills. Not this time please!

Eiffel Mele
Singers: Ranjith, Suchitra
Weirdly enough, ‘Eiffel Mele’ is in the ‘Gopala Gopala’, ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ mould when it comes to the background arrangements which are earthy but foot tapping at the same time. One of the better tracks of the album which has an essence to become a chartbuster! Suchitra – Welcome back! 

Singers: Karthik
Nagarum’ is a harmless, easy on the ears peppy track which has a fair usage of string section in the background. Karthik shoulders this number where the composer delivers a simple rhythmic tune backed by just violins & guitar strumming in the interludes.

Singers: Vijay Prakash
‘Enadhuyire’ starts off way too slowly to make an impact. The mild arrangements add to the soothing factor. Vijay Prakash chips in with his signature styled rendition which goes well with the background chords. A short, calming track!

Singers: Anirudh, Haricharan
‘Thozhaa follows a ‘Bryan Adams-esque’ structure accompanied by pulsating background arrangements. Anirudh who has rendered the vocals has adhered to the ‘rock’ needs of the track as the tune is set in such a genre. In all probabilities, it would be playing out as a montage in the movie.

Singers: Karthik
The main highlight of this song is the organic fusion of instruments allowing the vocals to have a ball. Interludes with sharp saxophones, bagpipes, clarinets kick in to stir up the tune even more. ‘Pudhidhaa’ has a good acoustic scope and the chorus, lyrics all contribute in keeping up this melody’s appeal. 

On the whole, Gopi Sunder dishes us an all-round album which has an amalgamation of styles for both Tamil(Eiffel Mele) and Telugu(Door Number) listeners (although the heart of the album sounds like a Malayalam’esque soundtrack with those soothing melodies). Most of the songs are pleasant and easy on the ears which would probably aid the movie’s narrative as a pelican cross.

Picks from the album: Baby Odathey, Nagarum, Eiffel Mele
Album Verdict: A good mix of zingy & soothing tracks!
Album Rating: 3/5

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