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Pasupathi, Simran, Meenakshi, Ajmal
Vijay Anthony
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It is a different kind of film about two mutually incompatible characters who albeit have few things in common. First, they both can't stand each other. Second, they both have a natural flair for offending people and are big on ego. Third, they come from different strata of the society and due to certain circumstances they are forced to come together is what the film is about.

The film depicts a day in the life of two individuals whose paths collide on a fateful morning and life is never the same again. Debutant director Lakshmikanthan's film is quite an enjoyable ride which is fast and furious at 2 hrs and 5 minutes. The director keeps to the essence of the original Milind Luthra Taxi No.9211, and perfect casting makes it worth the ride.

Mani (Pasupathy) is an insurance salesman in the eyes of his wife Shubha (Simran), but in reality he is a taxi driver. Due to his king size ego and aggressive nature he doesn't get along well with people. He is cynical, rude and much too straightforward. It is because of this, has made him switch 33 jobs in a decade!

One day he comes across during the course of his work, Gautham (Ajmal), the spoilt rich kid for whom life is a big party. The rich brat is likely to lose a multi-crore legacy unless he produces the original will left in a locker, whose key go missing after an altercation with Mani in his taxi following a road rage leading to an accident.

The lines are now clearly drawn, as Gautham wants his key at any cost, but Mani won't give it at any cost. As the story moves on, there is action, humour and drama. Both the characters are faced with realities of their own lives. Circumstances force them both to look within.

Pasupathy as the taxi driver is the driving force of this movie. Apart from his incredible sense of humour that he shows throughout the film, he excels in the emotional scenes towards the movie's end. Interestingly, he hardly smiles in the movie, and yet he makes you laugh with his sarcastic sense of humour.

Ajmal is cool and confident; Simran's long suffering wife act shows her mettle, while Meenakshi has hardly anything to do. The music of Vijay Antony is a big let down, and the major drawback of the film.

GV Films and Lakshmikanthan's TN-07-AL-4777, is a smooth and lovely ride. Take a trip on it.

Verdict: Good


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