TN Govt reduces LBET from the proposed 10 to 8 %

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 13, 2017 17:13 hrs

Second successive week in Tamil Nadu with no new content in Tamil or any other language. Vishal and  Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC)  had put a ban on new releases following Tamil Nadu government’s policy to introduce double taxation on cinema tickets. The government in addition to GST wanted another 10 % as Local Body Entertainment Tax (LBET).

There were no releases last Friday and this week staus quo was maintained, as film industry and government did not come into an agreement. So earlier content is being played by all screens and in additions films like Taramani, Kurangu Bommai and Vikram Vedha made a comeback in certain screens.

By Friday evening, the government increased rates of single and double screens, with air conditioned theatres able to charge up to Rs 100 and non air-conditioned screens up to Rs 80. The multiplex rates were earlier revised to Rs 150. However the government did not abolish LBET, instead they reduced it from the proposed  10 to 8 % .

The industry has welcomed governments new ticket rates and Vishal has also agreed for it, meaning new films can release from Diwali. It means Vijay’s Mersal will surely release for Diwali along with Karthik Subbaraj produced Meyaadha Maan and Sharat Kumar’s Chennayil Oru Naal-2

According to the revised chart , the maximum ticket price for Tamil films in multiplexes will be RS 206.16 (Base price: RS 150 + Rs 42 (28% GST) + 12 (8% ET ) + RS 2.16 (18% GST on ET)).

For A/C theaters, the film maximum ticket price is RS 127.44 ( Base Price: RS 100 + 18 (18%GST) + Rs 8 (8% ET) + RS 1.44 (18% GST on ET)) and for non A/C theater, the maximum ticket price will be RS 101.95 ( Base price: RS 80 + 14.4 (18% GST) + 6.4 (8% ET) + 1.15 (18% GST on ET)).

Theater owners agreed that they will sell snacks based on MRP and will not collect higher charges for tickets above the Government mentioned rate.

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