Tom Cruise willing to severe ties with Scientology to win back Katie Holmes

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 15, 2012 07:20 hrs

Tom Cruise, whose marriage to Katie Holmes fell apart earlier this year due to his obsession with Scientology, is thought to be reconsidering his links with the religion after 20 years of association with the church, it has been revealed.

Holmes is said to have filed for divorce because she feared that their daughter Suri may become too involved in the religion.

Sources close to the 'Mission Impossible' star claim that if he cuts his ties with the religion he may even win back the former 'Dawson's Creek' actress and see more of his daughter.

"Now he's lost the most precious thing in his life, he sees that his Scientology beliefs may not have hurt his box office but have ended not one but two marriages," the Mirror quoted the source close to Cruise as saying.

"It was a terrifying and rude awakening for Tom when Katie served him with divorce papers. He's used to feeling undefeatable and untouchable. When he lost Katie he felt a failure, the source said.

The 50-year-old actor became a Scientologist in 1990 when he was married to his first wife, Mimi Rogers.

The end of his second marriage to actress Nicole Kidman was also blamed on the religion.

"He has lost Nicole and now his wife and daughter. He has always used the Scientology techniques but he has now realised they don't work in marriage," the source said.

Cruise's close friendship with the leader of the church -David Miscavige - has also suffered.

"Tom and David have been attached at the hip but this -relationship has deteriorated and that, along with the loss of Katie and Suri, is forcing him to question his role in the church," the pal said.

"He hasn't lost faith completely but he is blaming Scientology for what has happened," the pal added.

Tom Kat seemed the perfect Hollywood family until the actress served divorce papers to her husband by fax in June.

In August they were officially divorced by a New York judge after six years of marriage. Katie cited irreconcilable differences for the split and requested sole legal custody and -primary residential care of Suri.

It had been assumed Tom would immerse himself in the religion but a source within the claims he no longer wants to be the "face" of Scientology.

Along with A-list stars such as John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, Cruise is one the religion's most high-profile -members but he is now trying to reduce his involvement with -publicising the beliefs.

"Tom is no longer volunteering to be the public poster boy for Scientology. You'll see he is seriously calming that down, he will head up the annual fundraisers and awards show but that's in-house," the source said.

"In the outside world, Tom will not be promoting the religion, he is distancing himself.

"Many believe he is pulling away because he thinks it was Scientology that split him and Katie up." The break down of his friendship with Miscavige is just as crucial in his decision to distance himself from the church," the source added.

Until his split from Katie, Cruise was said to worship David "like a God" and their intense friendship has been blamed by some as the reason for TomKat's marriage ending. (ANI)

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