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M G Srinivas
Upendra & Bhavana Menon
M G Srinivas
V Harikrishna
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First things first! The title of the movie was taken from super star Ambarish’s blockbuster movie of the 80’s and Topiwala does not disappoint. No, the movie is not connected with Antha in any way though Upendra had directed the sequel Antha -2. But it is Upendra’s show all the way and appears to be a sequel of his directorial movies Upendra and A albeit a few restrictions on dialogue and script.

The movie’s plot is interesting – a secret Swiss bank account stashed with black money by a politician, who dies before revealing the codes to a beggar. People aware of this are after the beggar, who loses memory. As usual, there is definition of Upendra’s character in the movie. But he is a menace for the police. Even Upendra is after the secret code to expose the politician and divert the black money for public cause. Eventually, the message is that everybody is a ‘Topiwala’, somebody who cheats.

Topiwala is a tailor-made movie for Upendra’s die-hard fans. The super star has written the dialogue and is reminiscent of his movies in the 90s, containing numerous innuendoes with reference to politicians and society. While the first half is entertaining and filled with suspense, the second half loses steam.

There are some interesting twists and turns to the plot like Bhavana, who joins Upendra as a theatre artiste, turning out to be a cop in disguise. Even as Bhavana and Mukti Mohan try to grab their share of attention, Upendra does not give any chance to rest of the artistes barring Rangayana Raghu, who is cast in the role of a cop.

Upendra had very high expectations from Topiwala and had shown special interest in the project right from day one and the result is convincing. The on-screen chemistry between Upendra and Bhavana is well complemented by Harikrishna’s catchy music. More than the songs, it is the background score by Harikrishna that stands out.

Director Sreeni has done a neat job he but seems to have compromised with a few sequences. Shot locations could have been better. Nevertheless, Upendra’s fans could not have asked for more.

Verdict: Entertaining


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