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Last Updated: Fri, Aug 19, 2005 12:00 hrs

Here is the complete transcript of the chat with Ravi Krishna.

prasanna_r_2002 asks What is your orinigal name
Ravikrishna says Hey you, I am here at Sify, Shoot your questions..... It hasnt been changed, it is A M Ravi Krishna...

arvin1dhan asks WHAT IS YOUR PAST TIME
Ravikrishna says Playing console games....

ashok_sri102 asks who is favourite hero in tamil?
Ravikrishna says I dont like any particular hero, I like Vijay for dance, Vijaykanth for stunts, Rajnikanth for his style and Kamal for acting.

ashok_sri102 asks what is favourite colour?
Ravikrishna says Light blue....

freaking asks There is too much competition in the Industry now, and not many action movies are releasing.. How will you be able to manage?
Ravikrishna says I dont know about the competition, but i want to experiment all kinds of roles. I dont wanna be branded as an action hero.

freaking asks Do you have a dream role?
Ravikrishna says I dont have a dream role. But I wanna do the role of a school boy, as i cant do it later.

freaking asks Of the movies that you have acted in which is your favourite?
Ravikrishna says I have done only three films, there are more to come.. I will choose from them and tell you the next time i come to chat.

stalemate asks Who is your inspiration?
Ravikrishna says My inspiration in the industry is my Dad and in acting it is the common man....

stalemate asks If you were not an actor wht wud u choose to be?
Ravikrishna says I would have been an animator and a graphic designer.

svjanand asks I have a nice script for you. What is the address and phone number of sri surya movies?
Ravikrishna says It is NO. 1 Velavan Street, West Kamakoti Nagar, Valsarawakkam, Chennai 87

uma_shankar21@sify.c asks Where did u get the training
Ravikrishna says In what?

zipporavi asks Hello Ravi. Nice to talk with you what is your e-mail ID.
Ravikrishna says Nice to chat wit you too....

raguhcl asks hi ravi whats your forthcoming projects
Ravikrishna says `Kallan` with my brother Jyothi Krishna directing it and A M Ratnam is the producer & Yuvan is doing the music.

zipporavi asks Hello Ravi who is your favourite hero and heroine?
Ravikrishna says Heroine is Savitri.

maniyag asks Hi Ravi, how many rakhi so far ???
Ravikrishna says None :(

gopi_krianhs asks did u get married?
Ravikrishna says Not yet.

Ravikrishna says Definitely, why not, I am a common man tooo

zipporavi asks What is Experience in SUKRAN With VIJAY
Ravikrishna says While shooting with Vijay he was more of a friend than an actor.

zipporavi asks Tell something abt your family
Ravikrishna says I am a Mom`s kid... Totally a spolied brat at home but loved by everyone.....

gopi_krianhs asks what type of movies do u like most?
Ravikrishna says Realistic movies like `Life is Beautiful`.

an_si asks Good PERFORMANCE in 7G Rainbow Colony
Ravikrishna says Thank you... Havent you seen `Ponniyin Selvan`, if you liked `7 G Rainbow` you will like it tooo.....

rakeshreddy4uu asks hii will you be my friend
Ravikrishna says Yes why not?

zipporavi asks tell something abt SONIA AGARWAL
Ravikrishna says She is a very nice person, a very supportive co-star.

kodelanarendra asks do u like romance
Ravikrishna says Definitely, why not

zipporavi asks What is your feature plan
Ravikrishna says For now it is to concentrate in acting.

zipporavi asks Your voice is so cute and very innocent what is the secret
Ravikrishna says Thank you, you should ask my mom.

tannearu asks Hi this is gupta. How are u? why are u changed ur hair style
Ravikrishna says When did i chnage my hairstyle. I had the same hairdo in all the three movies....

zipporavi asks do you have sisters
Ravikrishna says NOpe

kodelanarendra asks how do u select pair
Ravikrishna says The director and producer selects it, not me

citkarthi asks HI HOW R U
Ravikrishna says I am doing fine, how about Karthi?

pooj_85 asks what's u r next movie
Ravikrishna says Kallan` with my brother Jyothi Krishna directing it and A M Ratnam is the producer & Yuvan is doing the music.

nabjani2002 asks hi ravi this is nawazish humm which is ur fav.colour
Ravikrishna says Light blue...

nabjani2002 asks wat u do for time pass when u dont work?
Ravikrishna says I am a game wizard, you name i have got it.

tannearu asks hi r u there? what is ur pet name
Ravikrishna says My friends in school used to call me Amul Baby....

kodelanarendra asks if u r director whom do u select as heroin
Ravikrishna says Maybe when i direct I will think about it. If you were a girl I would have named you.......

kodelanarendra asks how is life
Ravikrishna says So far so gooood :) It rox....

kodelanarendra asks do u like exposing
Ravikrishna says What do you want me to expose? Ha ha ha

kodelanarendra asks if u had a chance to act with aish will you
Ravikrishna says I will have to think about it.....

kodelanarendra asks what other characters can u perform
Ravikrishna says Whatever the director wants i can, wait and watch......

saranyadeva asks what is ur next film?
Ravikrishna says Kallan` with my brother Jyothi Krishna directing it and A M Ratnam is the producer & Yuvan is doing the music.

kannan_jasmine asks Hi RaviKrishna! How are You?
Ravikrishna says I am great. Kannan, did you watch `Ponniyin Selvan`?

riz_4_u asks wat abt ur future projects? advise . stop acting in home productions..hihi
Ravikrishna says When you produce a movie, please call me, I will accept it....

nabjani2002 asks ravi ji u have gf hummmmm
Ravikrishna says I guess there are loads but havent met one so far...

pavanrad asks who is your favourite director, actor & actress. only apt answers ok
Ravikrishna says Robert Zemeciks, in Tamil Sreedhar...

tatagata asks what do you think of nepotism ? do you think you could have made it in movies based on your looks and talent alone?
Ravikrishna says When i started `7 G..` i dint knnow what is acting, I learnt it on the way, experience taught me everything, and I am still learning :)

saranyadeva asks what is mail id
Ravikrishna says

kissinger65_iway asks in 7 g rainbow colony, you look younger than the heroine any comments?
Ravikrishna says Did you think so? The script was like that, her character was much matured than me....

saranyadeva asks i want to talk with u. give ur ph no
Ravikrishna says U give yours Saranya, I will call you... Please make it fast before the chat is over.....

kodelanarendra asks do u like sonia agarwal
Ravikrishna says Yes, I do. She is my favourite co-star

omcyber_iway4 asks helllooo Ravikrishna have u any g/f?
Ravikrishna says Arrey, no yaaar.

zipporavi asks Like 7G Do U propose any girl in real life
Ravikrishna says Not yet, but will soon, if i meet the right person...

allfabengineers asks Is ponniyin selvan the same old good story or totally new concept
Ravikrishna says Go and watch it man....

kissinger65_iway asks you have done roles backed by a good script so far.. and the tamil film industry is not known for good scripts.. the challenge making a film a hit without a good script.. your comments..
Ravikrishna says For me scripts are the heroes actors come in later....

kodelanarendra asks when are u going to marry
Ravikrishna says It is too early now. Right now i am concentrating on my career.

kissinger65_iway asks what is your goal? to be a romantic hero, family hero, or action hero.. and where do u think you will fit in?
Ravikrishna says I want to do everything. Trying my best to fit into them....

saranyadeva asks Hai whats ur educational qualification?
Ravikrishna says It is Diploma in Multimedia.

kodelanarendra asks who is ur dream girl
Ravikrishna says Angelina Jolie.

kissinger65_iway asks and does your father select the roles and the script.. or do u do the thinking yourself????
Ravikrishna says I select the scripts and take suggestions from Dad.

siddhesh_v asks do u prefer romance to action?
Ravikrishna says Romance with a bit of action..... 80% of Romance and 20% action.

Ravikrishna says I am interested in any movie with a good script... With Chiru anytime :)

siddhesh_v asks ponniyin selvan was very was ur experience
Ravikrishna says Thanks... It was awesome..

kodelanarendra asks whats ur favourite car or bike.i like ninja
Ravikrishna says Ford Mustang, Mini Cooper, Yamaha RD 350

kissinger65_iway asks romantic heroes need to get into action roles to survive... any comments?
Ravikrishna says It is the industry, for businees you have to do some commercial films...

kannan_siva51 asks Hi Ravi, How you select a movie...Based on Script or Based on Banner or Director etc.,,
Ravikrishna says Script first everything follows

radha_aruna asks Did u know acting ven u first entered In Film Industry?How did u mange all crying scenes and dance moments?
Ravikrishna says I did a crash course in acting with the Film Institue in King`s College, London. Crying is the best thing that you can do to get things done for u.

kissinger65_iway asks Ponniyan do you think it will fare?
Ravikrishna says It has fared well, everybody gave the movie real good reviews......

kodelanarendra asks how long will u be here
Ravikrishna says Till 6 IST....

siddhesh_v asks are u planing to do moves in other languages
Ravikrishna says Am already doing one in Telugu right from `7G`.

siddhesh_v asks such a refreshing change but how cud u make ur handsome face sooo scarred
Ravikrishna says It was needed for the story, the make up man used to work for 2 hours on it, and one hour to remove it.

zipporavi asks what is your memorable moment in life?
Ravikrishna says Talking to u guys.....

siddhesh_v asks what else do u ok for in a movie other than its script
Ravikrishna says Selecting the script is done by me, the rest of the things depend on the producer and the director.

zipporavi asks what is your most embarrassed moment in life?
Ravikrishna says Standing on the Adayar bridge by 8:30 on a Sunday morning for shooting the final scene in 7G.. I jumped 29 times, and for fixing the cables it took a long time...

sujeesh_s asks whtz ur ambition
Ravikrishna says I wanna to put up a big studio in India with all the equipments which are there in Hollywood.

kodelanarendra asks whats ur native
Ravikrishna says Andhra Pradesh, Nellore

siddhesh_v asks ur career is off to a good start ..u have nothing to worry about
Ravikrishna says Thank you.

mvsprasad_mca asks Hi Ravikirshna garu, Your dialogue delivery is very good. How did you get that?
Ravikrishna says You should ask my Dad about the telugu dialogues.

siddhesh_v asks what kind of a person wud u like ur wife to be
Ravikrishna says Oh oh..... a combination of Angelina Jolie`s looks and Julia Robert`s smile and Kajol`s eyes with Aishwarya Rai`s legs.....

zipporavi asks Ravi do you need your's feature wife is being actress or house wife one who does not know anything abt film?
Ravikrishna says I want a housewife who knows everything about films.

taj_ram asks Hi Ravi, You have been lucky to get two excellant directors for your movies. How can you compare them ?
Ravikrishna says You can never compare directors... Everybody has their own style and talent.

siddhesh_v asks what has been the secret of ur success
Ravikrishna says Boost is the secret... :))

kodelanarendra asks do u like james bond
Ravikrishna says Ofcourse, i do.

skganeshin asks Why u r acting in ( romantic )movies ?
Ravikrishna says I did only one Romantic movie...

siddhesh_v asks starting from 7g i can note one thing..u have worked very hard in evry scene and given it 200% do u think that is the secrt of ur success?
Ravikrishna says Thanks for the complimets. I will still improve in my forthcoming movies.

kannan_siva51 asks You are getting an offer to do a film from both Kamal & Rajni...Both the roles are good for you...Whom will you choose....
Ravikrishna says I will do a movie, a movie with both of them in one.

siddhesh_v asks emotion sems to come to very whom wud u attribute that to?
Ravikrishna says My Mom.

kodelanarendra asks when is ur muddulakoduku in telugu.we are waiting for it
Ravikrishna says End of this month.

radha_aruna asks Do u think Ponniyin Selvan vil hit the box ofice? Is it a family film.
Ravikrishna says Go and watch it and let me know.

taj_ram asks How do you like to compare a director like Radhamohan in todays Film industry . His first film was a very excellant one and now ponniyin Selvan is a good one too. What would you like to say about him Ravi ?
Ravikrishna says He is a very amazing and cool director who keeps everybody on the sets smiling and also manages to keep the audience smiling.

radha_aruna asks How did u feel ven u sat in the theatre and saw ur face in the big screen for the first time?
Ravikrishna says It was like watching your face in the mirror.

skymars asks Hi Ravi, Is TV affects Cine field now a days ?
Ravikrishna says TV is a good boost for the cinefield.

siddhesh_v asks whom wud like to act with in the future
Ravikrishna says Anybody who is interested in acting with me, are you.

siddhesh_v asks what is the happiest moment in ur life?
Ravikrishna says When i heard 7 G was a big hit.

zipporavi asks Why do u not concentrate in Multimedia depart
Ravikrishna says I am still in that department. I am doing the titles for all my movies, i ve been working with my Visual Effects team.

jenani_yaaz3470 asks I saw your film ponniyan selvam it was very nice.i love you very much.My question is what is exciting moment in life.your idea about love.
Ravikrishna says Thank you, for me love is hope which gives you strength to achieve great things in life.

taj_ram asks Dear Ravi, A suggestion, although you put efforts in imporving your Acting, you need to add more weightage on expressions. You would have made an analysis about yourself. .what is your views ?
Ravikrishna says Thanks for the comment, I will definitely improve on that.

taj_ram asks what memories do you have while shooting your latest movie...?
Ravikrishna says Slapping Gopika was good fun. Becasue she was crying for that scene for over a week, as even her dad hadnt slapped her.

kodelanarendra asks u look so sexy in muddula koduku
Ravikrishna says Thank you.

siddhesh_v asks how did u feel on the first day of shooting in ur 1st movie
Ravikrishna says Pretty nervous.

karthikkumarbr asks how do u feel act with Selva raghavan director ..
Ravikrishna says Good

taj_ram asks you have got a good break. What are the other movies that you have signed up lately ?
Ravikrishna says `Kallan` with my brother Jyothi Krishna directing it and A M Ratnam is the producer & Yuvan is doing the music.

socrates_4875 asks Who is ur role model?
Ravikrishna says Government Employees.

selvaece_66 asks hi ravi,How did you feel when you acted with gopika
Ravikrishna says It was a nice experience.

siddhesh_v asks do u see ur movies in theatres
Ravikrishna says Ofcourse, I do.

zipporavi asks Ravi U R first actor i ahve talk. Thank U.
Ravikrishna says Thank you..... Thanks for chatting with me, I had a good time.

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