Transcript of the chat with Bharath

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 26, 2006 13:23 hrs

ethen_hunt06 asks what is the secreat of ur sucess
bharath says hard work asks Hi, All the best for ur career..

bharath says Thanks a lot asks how old r u?
bharath says 22

ammulubala asks Hai Bharath How r u
bharath says I am are u ?

preetam_2u asks hi

bharath says HI

ranchi_kishor asks hi
bharath says Hi

tozchandru asks ur nxt option if u r not actor
bharath says An MBA student

subitha asks hi
bharath says Hi

sugirtha_jaika asks Hi,I'm Sugirtha from r u?whts ur next film?grt fan of u ya...
bharath says I am fine.Thanks a lot. Veyil and Chennai Kadhal

ravi_k1990 asks how u become so famous
bharath says Through acting !

capricorn16 asks hey..i think u act very well.saw em mahan..was decent ..keep it up
bharath says Thanks a lot..keep watching my films.

capricorn16 asks hey u trhere ?
bharath says Yes...wats up...hoe are you ?

cute_princess asks Hi HI HI
bharath says Hi how are you ?

cute_princess asks Hi HI HI
bharath says Hye how are you ?

cute_princess asks how r u?
bharath says are you ?

sakthi_ims4 asks what u think about love
bharath says Very beautiful ....and a needed one

v4444 asks what is secret of your smartness
bharath says Dad and mom...

cute_princess asks how r u?
bharath says I am are you ?

tojinu asks Hi Bharath, this is jinu from bangalore .. how are u ..?? I really likeed u in malayalam 4 the people . Keep it up
bharath says Hi jinu.. i am fine..thanks for being beside me..

cute_princess asks i think u r a cute actor in TN...i realy like ur acting...keep up ur good work...
bharath says Thank u very much

tojinu asks Hi bharath, jinu again.. are u doing any new projects in malayalam ?? is yes.. which all??
bharath says Hi present i am not doin any movie in malyalam... but do watch my tamil movies

cute_princess asks vil b ur fan always....
bharath says thanks

tojinu asks Hi bahrath, this is jinu, have u acted in any Hindi movies ???
bharath says no yet...

tojinu asks Hi bharath, this is jinu, WISH U A VERY HAPPY NAVARATHRI ... Hope to see more of your films in future ...
bharath says thanks same to u

mohanraj_c1969 asks hi, what is ur next film
bharath says My next Chennai Kadhal and Veyil

mohanraj_c1969 asks hi
bharath says Hi

mohanraj_c1969 asks what is ur next film after m magan
bharath says eyil and Chennai Kadhal

bobloverajeswari asks when r u going to get marry?
bharath says not soon

capricorn16 asks why havent u acted in any big banners?
bharath says they have to come my way

capricorn16 asks Where did you do your schooling?
bharath says Dav anna nagar

capricorn16 asks Who are your best friends ?
bharath says Jose who is in Uk and few other ppl

capricorn16 asks Who is your favourite co-star?
bharath says Pooja

capricorn16 asks What are the factors that you generally consider before signing up for a movie?
bharath says script, director, and my role

capricorn16 asks Which performance of yours do you rate as your best ever?
bharath says Pattiyal

capricorn16 asks Who is your favorite actor and actress?
bharath says Fave actor is Ajith and actress is Simran

capricorn16 asks Who is your inspiration?
bharath says Ajith

v4444 asks how much u exercise in a day
bharath says everyday

capricorn16 asks What are your forthcoming projects?
bharath says Chennai Kadhal and Veyil

capricorn16 asks Telll us something about ur family.
bharath says Dad , Mom and i have a sister called Preethi studyin in DAV

capricorn16 asks Which has been the toughest role of your career so far?
bharath says Pattiyal and Kadhal

capricorn16 asks hi
bharath says Hi

rathore asks hello any one special
bharath says no one yet

psp1 asks hi bharath this is preethi i like ur acting in kadhal
bharath says Thank u.. did u see my latest film Em Mahan

capricorn16 asks hey uaar...why are u not replyin ?
bharath says I am ...tell me

psp1 asks best of luck for future project from preethi(bangalore)
bharath says Thanks a lot

capricorn16 asks why cant u act with rajini
bharath says I will as soon as i get a script

capricorn16 asks u are seeing someone or wat ?
bharath says no not yet

capricorn16 asks next movies ?
bharath says Chennai Kadhal and Veyil

capricorn16 asks your age ?
bharath says 22

capricorn16 asks how is it acting with gopika ?
bharath says great thanks a lot

karthikast asks Hai Bharath how are you
bharath says I am great how are you ?

duskysun13 asks Hi Bharath, how r u?
bharath says Great

duskysun13 asks You do not look like a typical 'hero'. Has this ever been a drawback in your career?
bharath says No i have always got good scripts and films

duskysun13 asks If you were not an actor, what would you have liked to be?
bharath says MBA student

duskysun13 asks What are your hobbies?
bharath says Dance

manoj_20 asks hello how are u
bharath says I am great how are you ?

duskysun13 asks Do you ever go to theatres to watch your films and see how the audience reacts to them?
bharath says Definitely....its great fun to watch it with the audience

duskysun13 asks Do you do research before you do a particular role? Or do you just go on the sets and do what the director asks you to do?
bharath says No i always do my homework...

duskysun13 asks Do you want to be an actor always or would you look at diversifying into something else?
bharath says I always wanted to be an actor....otherwise i would ve been an MBA student

karthikast asks when your marriage.Who is your Life partner.Then What is Your next film
bharath says My next film is Chennai Kadhal and Veyil....Jus waiting for a life partner

mrshivalingam asks ur inspiration
bharath says Ajith

ethen_hunt06 asks hai bharath
bharath says Hi how are you ?

ethen_hunt06 asks do u have any girl friend?
bharath says No not yet

williams123 asks Bharath. Any aspirations of doing an action hero role?
bharath says Wait and watch.... jus three months

williams123 asks Who's ur role model in Tamil cinema?
bharath says Ajith

williams123 asks U don;t have mentors in film field? Is that why you like Ajith?
bharath says Yes absolutely..i admire his hard work

turlapati_sp asks what r ur hobbies apart from movies?
bharath says Dance and GYmming..sight seeing also.

vichu86 asks Why are you only doing boy-next door roles? dont you want to be mass hero like ur friends in the industry?
bharath says Why dont u wait and will be worth the wait :)

sangesh99 asks Hi Barath, How are you doing ? We liked your Em-Magan Very much. Great stuff..
bharath says Thanks a lot

write2mevenky asks Where do you see yourself? in next 2 years?
bharath says Hopefully at the top

ashu.tashu143 asks hi bharat how r u ? plz tell me about u
bharath says Hey wat do u wanna know abt me

gladiator1612 asks ur future movies?
bharath says Chennai Kadhal and Veyil

asks what is your dream chracter in movies?
bharath says To do a role somethin like Kakha Kaakha

sasi14782 asks u done very well in pattyal...
bharath says Thanks a lot

sasi14782 asks all the best for your bright future...
bharath says Thanks a lot

nagireddy.r asks when r u going to act in telugu?
bharath says very soon.....

adshah06 asks Best wishes to you. Who is our favourite actor and actress in Bollywood?
bharath says Thanks a lot....SRK and Kajol

shripriya asks Hi Bharath. I saw your Emttan Mahan. Good Performance.
bharath says Thanks

maruthiplastics asks comments about the nazaar? what thing do u like him very much?
bharath says Excelent actor...u get the vibe when u act wiuth him

maruthiplastics asks how is the experience to work with gopika?
bharath says great

maruthiplastics asks who is u r role model?
bharath says Ajith

maruthiplastics asks r u interested to enter into cinema or its a accident?
bharath says absolutel intentional...i always wanted to act in films

maruthiplastics asks u r acting simply good in kadhal its really superb and natural climax
bharath says Thanks a lot.... thanks for go and watch my other movies

laxman_1961 asks How u enter to cinema field
bharath says with Shankar's boys

remoshan asks Hi bharat! Who is your godfather?
bharath says No one...

mor_vin143 asks have u trained dance?
bharath says yes..

shankaran_18 asks hi iam from germany...good luck for Veyil
bharath says Thanks a watch my other movies

shankaran_18 asks is Chennai kadhal a usual Lalla stuff from Vikraman r a diff one??
bharath says Wait and watch..u will love it

satish_hrs asks hi bharat how is ur life going on
bharath says great how are u

ramesh16 asks Would you like to act in mani ratnam movie?
bharath says Of course....who wouldnt like to act in Mani Sir's movie ?

maruthiplastics asks how is the experience in the boys on the first shoot?
bharath says I was Very very nervous...but glad it payed off

satish_hrs asks ur recent movie doesnt upto mark
bharath says Ok i will try to improve...thanks for your comments

v4444 asks what is secret of your sucess
bharath says Hard work and acting

keprabu asks Waiting for your Veyil..i hope Veyil will reach like Kadhal..(it looks like that) and Vasantha Balan will reach Big heights i hope
bharath says Thank a lot

skystar asks hai bharth this Raj from blore how r u ?
bharath says I am are you ?

shankargea asks Hi Bharath, I am an advisor to Central Govt.,Management and Media professional and told Balaji Sakthivel recently about ur stunning performanc ein kaadhal. Select good script always. All the best.
bharath says Thanks a ot..Please do go and watch y other films

ashok29811 asks how s ur feelings last movie with sandhya?
bharath says great...

gnanasivam asks Comments on rajini and kamal....
bharath says Great...I think they are icons..and legends.

keprabu asks your acting is getting matured in each film...(Em mahan a scene Gajala asks you En ungappa ipdi irukkar...avar padikathavar ngrathalaya ? ) For that ur reply and ur reaction voice modulation is fantastic...Keep it up !!!
bharath says Thanks a lot...pls watch all my other films..

meenu83 asks why are you not acting in more malayalm films
bharath says Will act as soon a s i get good scripts

remoshan asks Tell me something about Director Shankar...
bharath says He is my Guru..i really admire and respect him and his hard work

gnanasivam asks How is chennai kaadhal going on?
bharath says great its awesopme

guddu_hai asks Hi Bharath! How r u? This is Ramesh, how did u managed to do a challenging role in chellaemay?
bharath says I jus did lot of ground work and hard work

gnanasivam asks Other than rajini and kamal who is ur favourite actor in tamil?
bharath says Ajith

keprabu asks Are you going to act in Lingusamy's next film ?
bharath says tALKS ARE GOING ON.

gnanasivam asks how was the experience working with arya?
bharath says It was great ..he is an awesome co star

maruthiplastics asks cine field is a not a permanent place in so many actor or actress what about u? standing in this field is so difficult and risky no?
bharath says Yeah but hard work always pays off

keprabu asks who are ur good friend in cine field ?
bharath says Simbu arya and Ravi

gnanasivam asks Which game do u like most..and who is ur favourite in that game?
bharath says Fotball and cricket

nakul.06 asks what do u feel abt ur new project veyil ?
bharath says I think it is great...

nakul.06 asks have ne girl freinds ?
bharath says No not yet